Gabriel Lucas

Gabriel Lucas


Gabe has been a technology leader in the education field for over a decade and is passionate about and experienced in recruiting, managing, and staff development. He’s a tech guy who loves working with people.

From Math Teacher at Menlo School to Director of Technology at Castilleja School to developer of an online math system called Take Math, Gabe has dedicated his life to educating students and developing the best technology leaders in schools. He co-founded ATLIS, the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools, where he serves as its inaugural board president.

Gabe's involvement in ATLIS and other professional organizations connects him to a deep network of experienced technology professionals. He graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical and Computational Science, UC Berkeley with a Master's degree in Information Management and Systems, and San Francisco State with a Master's degree in Mathematics. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three wonderful children.

Project Leads

Hiring the right people for the job is our specialty. Our team cares about our schools and take pride in helping them get the best technology leaders in the industry and beyond.

Micaela Andres

Micaela Andres

Micaela graduated from San Jose State University in 2018 with a degree in business administration. Her academic areas of focus were management and information systems.


Aaron Griffin

Aaron has a background in public and independent school teaching, leadership, and technology management.

Charles Hanson

Charles has years of experience as a history, social science, and economics instructor and department chair, and constantly seeks out instructional design improvements to his courses.

David Spence

A classroom teacher and educational technology administrator, David specializes in giving faculty workshops on curricular and instructional innovation.

Jessica Chung

Jessica works with schools, districts and non-profits to ensure that technology is improving the lives of students and teachers.

Kailen Whang

Kailen worked with CalWest, leading recruiting initiatives for schools all over the country. She currently serves as a resident faculty member in a boarding school in California.

Lisa Lamont

With a background in educational technology and science, Lisa is an expert presenter and trainer for both beginning and experienced faculty.

Micaela Andres

Micaela oversees all office operations, including the job board.

Nancy Levine

Nancy has an extensive background in IT project management and technology systems transitions.

Ray Louie

Ray's education technology experience spans nearly three decades in numerous schools and associations.