Deadline Extended!  The 7th Annual Salary Survey for Technology Professionals in Schools

Since 2016, Ed Tech Recruiting has run a salary survey in the fall to help employers, job seekers, and the industry at large gain better insight on key salary trends. The survey is distributed across the globe, to anyone working in a technology department at a K-20 school or district, from CTOs to entry-level specialists.

Our vision is to provide the industry with a valuable resource to support better hiring decisions for everyone involved. But the survey also provides insight into key metrics, such as job satisfaction, hurdles for job seekers, and motivations for seeking new employment. Since its beginning, the salary survey’s results have been freely accessible to anyone, regardless of participation in the survey.

Gabriel Lucas (Principal of Ed Tech Recruiting) was inspired to launch this survey in 2017 after noticing that both job seekers and hiring managers were struggling to come to terms on fair compensation packages. Job seekers, in particular, have few tools at their disposal to assess salaries across the market. Recent trends from the past three years of results include:

  • Wage increases are barely keeping up with inflation at an average of 3% or less. 
  • In California, fewer than 70% of technology directors have reported a salary of $100K or higher.
  • The average size of a technology team has stayed relatively small for the last few years, despite the increased demand for technology support and integration.
  • For the past two years, over 80% of tech professionals would recommend their job to a friend.

The salary survey is anonymous and self-reporting — and it only takes 10 minutes!  The deadline has been extended to December 31, 2022.  Preliminary results will be published in January, and the ATLIS compensation benchmark report will be released in the spring of 2023.

This survey is now open.