National Survey Project for Major Nonprofit Hires International Data Manager


YouthTruth was developed on the simple premise that giving students a greater voice – and truly listening to their feedback – can fundamentally improve educational planning, strategy, and decision-making. Launched in 2008 by The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), YouthTruth is a national survey project that gathers feedback from students and other stakeholders. Having enjoyed tremendous success over the last decade, YouthTruth now boasts more than one dozen employees distributed onto three teams: partnerships and external relations, client services and operations, and data systems and analytics. The data systems and analytics team comprises five professionals in roles that include analyst, developer, and software architect. For the last several years the YouthTruth executive director herself led this team, but with more growth on the horizon, YouthTruth sought a full-time manager of data systems and analytics to assume responsibility for this mission-critical functional unit. As a part of CEP, a nonprofit with about 50 employees that includes the YouthTruth team, both YouthTruth and CEP collaboratively manage in-house enterprise applications while also leveraging best-in-class third-party data systems. The manager of data systems and analytics is part of a shared technology team that includes other YouthTruth and CEP staff in charge of workflow improvements, system migrations, and application developments.

YouthTruth was thrilled to onboard Maurcio to this position in February of 2022. The manager of data systems and analytics reports to the executive director and serves on the YouthTruth leadership team.

Meet the new leader

Mauricio Teles

Before joining CEP in 2022, Mauricio spent 20+ years in IT and Banking consulting where he performed in both management and leadership roles.  Mauricio spent 14 years working in Brazil as a systems analyst and technical consultant, where he supported the development of high-quality projects within the top-five banks in Brazil.  His passion for math and education led him to pursue a Bachelor’s in mathematics with a teaching certification. He taught coding to CS students and owned a business in personal development. While seeking to connect his skills and passion, Mauricio moved to the USA before graduating with an MBA and an MSc. in Business Analytics.  At YouthTruth, Mauricio manages a team of analysts and developers responsible for putting student perception data into the hands of those making instructional and leadership decisions.


Search Dates

Sep 2021 to Dec 2021

Start Date

Jan 2022

Job Position

Manager of Data Systems and Analytics


San Francisco, CA