Academic Technology Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Specialist / Associate
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

Job Description:

Provide leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining high-quality technology integration in all teaching and learning settings to support teachers in enhancing instruction, improving student learning, and assisting students in becoming technologically savvy.

Reports To:

High School/Middle School/Lower School Division Heads


Advanced Degree in Instructional Technology, or professional equivalence through demonstrated successful work experience. Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible instructional technology experience in leading technology in an educational environment. Bachelor’s Degree in education. Minimum of three years of classroom teaching experience. 

  • Demonstrated effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills

  • Demonstrated skill in the building and leading of collaborative teams

  • Demonstrated skill in the effective use of conflict resolution strategies

  • Fundamental understanding of human learning and the specific contexts in which technology supports and hinders learning

  • Demonstrated skills in teaching complex concepts and instructions in a caring and easy-to-understand manner to both adults and children

  • Experience with mobile platform knowledge base (Apple, Windows, Android, Chrome OS)

  • Experience with using various interactive and presentation technologies in the classroom

  • Thorough knowledge of G Suite for Education

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Ability to move smoothly between and operate productively among technical and non-technical faculty and staff, translating needs and anticipating requirements of each in the development, launch, and support of feasible technological solutions

  • Program development experience with the selection, implementation, and support of complex instructional technology solutions

  • Above average troubleshooting to equip non-technical faculty and instructional support staff to solve basic operating system and end-user issues

To perform this job successfully, the incumbent(s) will possess the skills, aptitudes, and abilities to perform each duty proficiently. The requirements listed in this document are the minimum levels of knowledge, skills, or abilities. 

Physical Requirements:

Lifting boxes and other packages not exceeding 20 pounds; ability to sit for long periods of time; excellent cognitive and hearing abilities.


The following are responsibilities of the ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST:

  • Serving as a member of the Academic Council and providing leadership in the development of an instructional technology vision and the implementation of technology plans

  • Creating, maintaining, and overseeing the integration of technology planning in collaboration with a technology committee

  • Creating, administering, and providing assistance and strategies to MPCS Teachers and Staff for technology integration to enhance classroom learning with a special emphasis on the school’s 1:1 Connected Learning Program

  • Supporting the design, implementation, and ongoing utilization of processes that engage data in support of teaching and learning

  • Providing assistance and training to instructional staff in the integration of technology to support student learning. This includes planning and implementing job-embedded professional development opportunities for individuals, small groups, and large groups.

  • Collaborating with teachers in composing effective technology-infused, content-based lessons, and supporting teachers as they implement the lessons in their classrooms

  • Creating and maintaining easy to follow documentation for distribution to staff members

  • Creating learning resources for staff. These may include websites, tutorials, interactive programs and databases that support teachers in integrating technology (Develop guides and other support materials).

  • Working with teachers during late-start sessions, planning periods, and after school to help them incorporate technology into their lessons; offering to team teach during a lesson with high use of technology

  • Training non-technical faculty and instructional support staff to troubleshoot basic operating system and end-user issues

  • Networking with vendors of educational software and educational hardware

  • Participating in ongoing professional development related to job responsibilities and maintaining expertise in the field

  • Moving smoothly between and operating productively among technical and non-technical faculty and staff, translating needs and anticipating requirements of each in the development, launch, and support of feasible technology solutions

  • Managing the selection, implementation, and support of complex instructional technology solutions

  • Achieving consensus among instructional and IT teams in developing solutions which are successful instructionally and technologically feasible within the school’s network and data infrastructure 

  • Advocating for and instructing teachers and staff in the vetting and responsible use of technology; leading efforts to teach students digital citizenship

  • Collaborating regularly with the IT department in the vetting and purchasing of feasible solutions which preserve the life cycle of equipment

  • Continually evaluating software licensing agreements

  • Ensuring the proper and safe deployment of technology to staff and students

  • Implementing digital citizenship lessons to students proactively and as needed

  • Working closely with the Assistant Division Heads in the implementation of digital textbooks

  • Training students in device usage and supporting students with basic troubleshooting as needed

  • Working with faculty to create and revise educational technology policies, plans, and procedures

  • Complying with conditions as stated in employee contract and handbook

  • Modeling appropriate Christian behavior in speech and actions

  • Other duties as assigned