Assistant Technology Coordinator

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology

The Assistant Technology Coordinator is a part-time position and reports to the Director of Technology. This candidate is knowledgeable in the application of current technological tools in elementary and middle school environments. They are comfortable leading and guiding students from grades K-8 in their facility with a wide range of technological tools. The Assistant Technology Coordinator will help document the school’s integration of technologies in the classroom, and train staff in the use and application of our school-standard technologies.
Besides acquainting themselves with the range of tech tools and approaches already in play at Live Oak School, the Assistant Technology Coordinator is energized by research and experimentation with new and emerging technologies employed for pedagogical purposes. This position may provide some latitude to pursue professional development opportunities, where relevant.

The Assistant Technology Coordinator’s role could potentially grow to include other areas such as IT support, network and/or system administration, or teaching various tech-related subjects. The position may also be combined with other part-time positions at Live Oak.

Start date is August 7-13, 2018.
Please email your resume and cover letter.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Teaching

  • Assistant or lead instruction for selected lower school tech skill classes

  • Provide ad hoc (walk-in) support to students seeking assistance with Chromebooks, supporting software, project ideas, etc.

  • (Optional) Facilitation of after-school tech clubs in subjects such as robotics, programming, image editing

Support and Administration
Provide training and support to staff in their familiarity with tech tools, which may include any of the following:

  • facility with student applications and staff administrative tools o tech-supported project development and implementation

  • effective use of interactive whiteboards

  • development of student e-portfolios

  • Documentation of lower and middle school tech curriculum

  • Investigative research around emerging technologies and available alternatives for student projects and presentations

  • Student and staff desktop support as needed



Vanessa Neumann