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Experiential.  Progressive.  Experimental.  Democratic.  Environmental.  These are values to which many schools aspire, but few actually achieve.  One step onto the campus of The Athenian School, situated at the base of the rolling hills of Mt. Diablo State Park on the outskirts of the beautiful San Francisco East Bay region, and you’ll know right away that this is a school living these values.  How many other schools construct a nearly four-week wilderness experience for the junior class and also support those same students as they spend multiple years pursuing their own construction project: a two-seater aircraft?  How many schools seek environmental grants and awards with zeal—not to collect trophies, but to ignite an international movement of environmental responsibility?

At a school like Athenian with such a well-established sense of culture and identity, technology strategy must align with the School’s mission and spread through personal relationships.  Teachers want a thought partner who will listen, inspire, and enable intellectual experimentation via educational technology.  Senior administrators want a leader to facilitate generative discussions exploring and debating innovative technologies that other schools might deploy merely to keep up with trends.

The Athenian School seeks a Director of Educational Technology to lead its technology program—instructional, systems, and IT.  Although the Director will be responsible for all aspects of technology, Athenian’s technology leader must be an educator first and bring a passion for supporting curricular innovation.  The Director will report to an all-school curriculum administrator, the Director of Teaching and Learning.

For more information please download the opportunity statement, which contains complete application instructions.



Application Deadline: March 12, 2018

Decision Announced: April 12, 2018

Start Date: July 1, 2018 (or earlier if mutually agreeable)


Organization: The Athenian School
Job Category:
Areas of Responsibility:
All Technology
Job Level:
Senior position
Job Sector:
All Technology