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The Opportunity
You: A problem solver at heart, you enjoy working with both business processes and technology, and it brings you great joy to see people and systems working in harmony.

Your mission: With a sense of urgency, create, develop and launch the Next Generation "data and information rich" Technology Structure throughout the organization.

Job Summary

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) will report directly to the Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and is responsible for system-wide coordination of Information Technology (IT) and the following functions:  IT department team leadership and development, enterprise architecture, cyber security, applications development, data center operations, disaster recovery operations, system design, capacity planning, system integration, database management, telephony, network design management, customer service, technical support, and quality management.  This includes system-wide IT governance and coordination of policy development, including the integration of all facilities and construction of new buildings, strategic technology requirements planning, budgeting, acquisition, implementation and support of information technology and services, development, installation, facilities, operation maintenance and support.


The CIO will champion and provide leadership for the design and implementation of the next life cycle of information technology with a concise focus on planning, initiating, and delivering an integrated communications and information system that tracks student activity through the entirety of their life cycle at the College. This position will address and further enhance HCCs transition to software-as-a-service, ensuring that technology is an organizational unifier and value amplifier.


The CIO will be a guide in the selection of hardware and software tools that unify organizations systems and that allows users to advance their capabilities and responsiveness to the student and organizational needs.


This position is also expected to simplify and connect instructional delivery resources that support varied teaching and learning modalities and pedagogies. This position sets forth and implements strategies, systems and support to implement a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, greater website visibility and design, and advanced use of artificial intelligence to create efficiencies at all work levels, and other enhancements., 


Responsible for the design, execution and effectiveness of a system of internal controls, which provides reasonable assurance that operations are effective and efficient, assets are safeguarded, and financial information is reliable and compliant with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.


Manages Talent Engagement activities for direct reports in regards to: recruiting and selection, hiring and termination, training, development, mentoring, counseling, and performance evaluations.



Provide leadership and strategic direction in the overall management of IT services to ensure effective performance for all users, including applications, telecommunications, telephony, internet, web services and email.  Serve as the CIO  for internal and external constituencies, which requires working with the college’s senior executive team to provide (1) in-depth understanding of general and IT executive management issues and trends, (2) in-depth understanding of IT industry hardware, software, and strategy trends, and (3) thorough understanding of industry training and talent management trends for IT employees.


Provide oversight, leadership, direction of the IT operations as well as staff performance to ensure goals and objectives of the institution’s strategic plan and related business plans and budget are met in a timely manner.  Oversee the hiring and management of IT staff, including the direction of training and development of all IT staff.


Provide change management leadership to enable the delivery of advanced technologies and cloud-based systems and services in a large complex organization.


Provide leadership and navigate interpersonal relationships among and within multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic organizations and matrix organizations.


Communicate the strategic, complex and dynamic nature of IT to broad and diverse audiences in a plain-talk and effective manner.


Build sustainable budgets for the future that optimize resources to the fullest extent, and effectively manage an annual operating budget of $13.9 million and $26.9 million in Capital and Technology budgets, which includes the on-going auditing and accounting for a cost-effective operations.


Responsible for contract and asset management regarding negotiations, maintenance of all assets, account decommissions, and secure disposal.


Maintain high level of expertise (including that of emerging technology) in the capture, storage, processing and dissemination of information including networking, landline and wireless communication, internet, management software, enterprise application software, hosting services, and other relevant technologies/products.  Support all facilities, equipment and other resources.  Maintain appropriate documentation and diagrams for all networks, server set-ups and local applications. Oversee maintenance of all networks. Maintain levels of security and disaster recovery protection consistent with needs of the institution.  Oversee the development and administration of best practices for all operational requirements, information technology policies and procedures. 


Ensure institutional compliance with licensing agreements for the institution hardware and software assets while maintaining knowledge of recent research pertaining to pertinent aspects of IT trends and direction and initiates transitions to new technologies as appropriate for the District.


Represent the institution in interfacing with external agencies, outside vendors and other organizations; audits information system use for compliance with federal and state regulations and HCC purchasing policies.


Oversee the development, management and monitoring of the Information Technology customer communication and internal and external marketing strategies for IT operations and strategic plans.


Demonstrate commitment to collaborative decision-making, results based management, continuous improvement and student/customer service in an environment conductive to teamwork and mutual support.  Direct the IT governance process to ensure broad input and support of its strategic agenda.

Perform other duties, tasks and assignments as required.



Education& Experience 

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Management Information Systems or other comparable field required

  • Master degree preferred

  • 10 years demonstrated experience of managing a large size Information Technology Department in a consulting, outsourced or company environment required

  • Experience in a higher education institution/community college preferred


Job Category:
C Level
Areas of Responsibility:
All Technology
Job Level:
Senior position
Job Sector:
All Technology