Coordinator of Educational Technology

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

Provide leadership, coordination and support to the Educational Services Division to assure the highest quality education to K-12 students in Santa Clara Unified School District.


  •   California Administrative Credential

  •   Minimum of five (5) years teaching and/or administrative experience

  •   Experience in (K-12) school education

  •   Experience in (K-12) educational technology


Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services


  •   Direct and coordinate the planning, implementation and evaluation of K-12 educational media and learning resources district-wide

  •   Serve as a member of the Educational Services Division and as a member of District Management Team

  •   Provide district level education technology leadership by:

    1. Assisting principals and teachers in planning and administering a technology enhanced instructional program in all curriculum areas

    2. Assisting principals in logistics of 1:1 devices

    3. Assisting in the development, interpretation and implementation of school board policies

    4. Collaborating with the other Ed Services department managers to provide TK-12 articulation for educational technology

    5. Directing the curricular work of Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs)

    6. Leading the development, implementation and evaluation of staff development events

    7. Acting as a liaison to the Instructional Technology Group (ITG)

    8. Providing oversight to the online and blended learning options available to students

    9. Overseeing the development and implementation of the technology plan

    10. Support sites in implementation of Computer Science, Project Based Learning (PBL), Robotics and Engineering

    11. Collaborating on student privacy and digital citizenship with ITG, sites and the curriculum department

    12. Overseeing the Digital Resource workflow

    13. Attending board and district meetings as appropriate

  •   Provide support to the Educational Services Division by:

    1. Working collaboratively with and in mutual support of the Ed Services team members

    2. Promoting the Division’s vision of a service oriented organization to all stakeholders of SCUSD

    3. Providing leadership in short and long-range planning

    4. Informing and educating the Educational Services team in current trends in educational technology, computer science, and PBL 

    5. Providing assistance for categorical, special programs and grants

    6. Preparing all required reports and maintain all appropriate records

    7. Managing budgets as assigned

    8. Performing evaluation of assigned staff

    9. Performing other duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 



Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the District’s Certificated Management Salary Schedule for the position of Coordinator

Length of the work year: 12 months/225 days


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of personnel.