Coordinator for Instructional Technology

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

Consistent with the Northshore School District Strategic Plan and the Instructional Technology Plan principal goal of the Instructional Technology Team is to have a positive and equitable impact on student learning by facilitating the integration of instructional technologies in all learning environments. The primary role of the Instructional Technology Coordinator position is to coach teachers and other adult learners in the global digital literacy skills necessary for 21st Century learning. The Coordinator for Instructional Technology will:

  • Collaborate with the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Team in developing and delivering professional development to teachers for district-wide curriculum adoptions and learning initiatives as it applies to the use of instructional technologies, including computing resources and learning management systems.

  • Provide professional development for teachers in support of a one-to-one computing device program for student computing, making purposeful connections to learning outcomes for students through professional development for teachers and administrators.

  • Mentor teachers in integrating current, relevant and supportable technologies into their classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, presentation technologies, multimedia authoring tools, utilizing internal and external cloud services, and communicating with students, parents and the community using web-based tools and learning management systems.

  • Team with teacher(s) to develop classroom projects and lesson plans that promote students’ attainment of Washington State and ISTE standards and 21st Century Skills, empowering students to use technology to collaborate, communicate, generate innovative ideas, investigate, and solve problems.

  • Partner with teachers to promote students’ acquisition of skills related to digital citizenship. Support teachers in their understanding of systems and operations and the practice of safe, legal, and ethical behavior.

  • Assist site-based, shared decision-making teams in the development of strategies to support the goals of the School Action Plan in the integration of standard classroom technologies.

  • Analyze technology trends and perform research to identify new classroom technologies and recommend district technology standards (including hardware, software, delivery systems, and support structures.)

  • Effectively manage projects of various complexities, frequently more than one at a time.

  • Support schools in coordinating the installation and implementation of software and hardware, and in facilitating communication between campuses and the Technology Department.

  • Take initiative for continued personal and professional growth.

  • Perform other duties as assigned. 

The successful applicant will have experience working in a K-12 classroom setting, training adults, curriculum development, and developing and sustaining positive interpersonal relationships.

Salary: NNRAP-Professional Technical Salary Schedule, Level II. Salary starts at $96,701.00; placement on the salary schedule is determined by Human Resources DOE. FLSA Exempt.

Work Year: 8.0 Hours a day; 260 days a year.

Benefits: We offer a competitive benefits package including paid vacation, holidays, health insurance coverage, Washington State Retirement Plan, and other benefits.


The job qualifications are listed and numbered below. Please address each of the qualification areas in your letter of application.

  1. Ability to Apply Knowledge of Instructional Principals and Practices.

    •   Bachelor’s degree in education or other liberal arts field

    •   Effectively coach and teach adult learners

    •   Demonstrate understanding of the instructional support needs of classroom teachers

    •   Model effective classroom practices

    •   Demonstrate vision for technology and instruction

  2. Ability to Apply Knowledge of Instructional Technology.

    •   Apply knowledge of instructional technology standards to create effective learning environments

    •   Effectively coach teachers to meet curricular goals using an integration of technology

    •   Apply sound instructional practices with available technology resources regardless of computer operating system

    •   Learn and quickly apply specific software applications

    •   Research and assess new technologies to support instruction

  3. Ability to Communicate Effectively

    •   Facilitate discussions, listen effectively, and help develop solutions

    •   Communicate technical information to non-technical staff

    •   Make effective oral presentations

    •   Write clearly and effectively

    •   Author multimedia products including web, video, and audio broadcasts

    •   Maintain confidentiality

  4. Ability to Work Independently to Meet Program Needs.

    •   Exercise good judgment within scope of assignment

    •   Organize work and set priorities to meet deadlines

    •   Work effectively under pressure

    •   Adapt to accommodate frequent changes in scope and program delivery

  5. Ability to Work Effectively with a Variety of Other People

    •   Work effectively as a member of a team

    •   Work effectively as a leader of a team

    •   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others 



  1. So that we can fully assess their qualifications, we require that all applicants submit a complete application packet, including:

    • Completed Classified Application Form (may be obtained from the Human Resources Office or downloaded from

    • Letter of application addressing your ability to perform the job duties and meet the qualifications as listed above. The letter should provide, for each listed duty or qualification, specific examples of your work experience, accomplishments, and achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform that aspect of the work. Examples should describe what you have done, not descriptions of how to do the work or statements that you have done the work.

    • Resume or curriculum vitae

      Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

  2. You may also submit other supporting information of your choosing.

  3. The required application materials and any other supporting materials must be received by Human Resources by 4:30 p.m. on the closing date. If no closing date is given for this vacancy, applicants are advised to submit application materials promptly.


All offers of employment are conditional and subject to the acceptable outcome of a nation-wide criminal history background check, which requires employees to provide fingerprints, and approval by the Northshore School District Board of Directors. If you are hired, you must complete an Applicant Disclosure Form and Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release Form, as required by Washington State law, and an Employment Eligibility Form, submitting documentation to Human Resources for review and verification to comply with the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act. All newly hired employees must satisfactorily complete a probationary period of 90 days following their hire date.