Data Coordinator

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
  • Systems / Operations
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Data / Database

Salary: $27.96 - $30.82/hour. Depending on experience and qualificatons.


  • Technical proficiency using MS Office and Google applications, particularly an ability to work with and manipulate spreadsheet data in MS Excel and Google G Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets)

  • Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills

  • Experience with any of these applications and data collection systems is a plus: PowerSchool, CALPADS, CAASPP / TOMS, SEIS, CRDC, EEOC, CELDT, California Fitness Test, Google G Suite Admin Console, ConstantContact, Blackboard Connect, Edline, E-Rate, LaserFiche, QCC / QSS


Operations (Primary Responsibilities):

  • Serve as primary CALPADS administrator

    • Maintain California SSID student identifiers in CALPADS using PowerSchool reports, and import new SSIDs into PowerSchool

    • Coordinate with Superintendent’s Assistant, Special Education, ELD, Human Resources, Assistant Principals and office staff to ensure  PowerSchool, SEIS, and CALPADS data is kept up to date and in sync

    • Periodically upload data from PowerSchool to keep track of student enrollments, exits and program participation changes

    • Upload data from PowerSchool reports to CALPADS for Fall 1, Fall 2 and EOY certifications

    • Analyze and correct CALPADS errors in CALPADS and in PowerSchool

    • Perform Level 1 Certifications for Fall 1, Fall 2 and EOY

    • Provide data from CALPADS to staff as requested

  • Serve as LEA District Coordinator for TOMS (CAASPP user system)

    • Coordinate with administrators to confirm annual testing window dates

    • September set up of spring test administration data in TOMS

    • Manage Site Coordinator and Test Administrator accounts in TOMS

    • Coordinate with Special Education and ELD staff to edit test settings and upload test settings from SEIS to TOMS

    • Download, organize and distribute CAASPP interim and summative scores as requested by Superintendent

  • Directly prepare, or assist staff in preparation of, data for other state and federal surveys and reports, and assist in uploading and completing reports, such as CBEDS, CRDC, and EEOC.

  • Export data from PowerSchool and update Bacich Report Card Maker every marking period, including:

    • Teacher logins

    • Team Teachers (specialists)

    • Students (information and rosters)

    • Attendance data

  • Prepare routine spreadsheets exported from PowerSchool, such as:

    • Library account management system (Alexandria)

    • Picture-day photographers

    • Student passwords

    • Graduating 8th grade list for Redwood HS

    • ConstantContact

  • Prepare occasional spreadsheets exported from PowerSchool to assist in correct operation of automated updates for these systems:

    • Edline

    • Pearson Math

    • Blackboard Connect

  • Create custom queries, screens and reports in PowerSchool as needed

  • Assist Business Manager to coordinate filing and processing of E-Rate forms

  • Assist district office and technology staff with maintaining data for asset inventory systems

  • Support Kentfield Schools Foundation in obtaining data from PowerSchool for annual printed and electronic school directory and for other occasional uses


Technical Support (Primary):

  • Assist Human Resources director and school office staff in maintaining G Suite (Gmail) accounts and group memberships

  • Provide direct support to District Office personnel, including Kentfield Schools Foundation (kik) on using spreadsheet and G Suite applications


Technical Support (Secondary):

  • Assist school and district staff in helping parents and students with forgotten passwords and account sign up for G Suite (Gmail), PowerSchool and Edline, primarily through monitoring of webmaster email account

  • Assist Technology Coordinator and school staff with cleaning and validating PowerSchool data

  • Assist Technology Coordinator and school staff with managing data for annual registration forms, enrichment course surveys, student council elections, etc.

  • Provide PowerSchool support to school staff

    • Ongoing support with calendaring, attendance, grading and scheduling

    • January Kindergarten registration (set up upcoming school year, assist with after-school registration day)

    • Spring and Summer PowerScheduler setup and loading student schedules for upcoming year at Kent Middle School

    • Summer PowerSchool end-of-year process

    • Summer post-end-of-year setup for new school year

  • Provide support to school staff year-round (including summer) with other applications, such as Report Card Maker, Edline, Blackboard Connect, in areas such as emergency forms and procedures


Terms of Employment:

    Twelve months. July 1 to June 30.