Data Manager

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Manager / Supervisor
  • Systems / Operations
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Data / Database

University High School seeks an experienced Data Manager.  

The Data Manager is part database administrator and engineer, part analyst and developer, with a healthy dose of project management thrown in. The Data Manager is responsible for keeping the school’s data systems working together, assisting departments and end-users to find and use the data they need, and specifying and/or developing new data systems as necessary.

The school’s core data system suite is Blackbaud’s Education/Financial/Raiser’s Edge, operating on a Microsoft SQL server, supplemented by a variety of custom-developed PHP/FileMaker Pro-based applications, and several third-party web-based services. This position represents an excellent opportunity to help the school chart a course forward to a more modern, user-friendly, data solution.

The Data Manager must be both a great people person, able to listen to and understand end-user needs, as well as have a great technical mind for organizing and managing the transfer of data between systems, and for distilling end-user requests down into actionable technical specifications.

For more information and to apply, please go to the school’s website:

Responsible for management and integration of the school’s administrative computer database programs. Works with all administrative offices to ensure the school’s data is kept and updated accurately and timely, and that all stakeholders have appropriate access.


  • Integrates records management software into the day-to-day needs of the school.
  • Establishes and maintains record keeping standards.
  • Establishes computer hardware and software standards for database end users.
  • Enhances administrative systems with custom programming for school records management, Admissions, Registrar, College Counseling, Community Engagement, Summerbridge, Development, and other systems.
  • Supports academic systems with FileMaker Pro programming and customization.
  • Evaluates administrative data requests; if needed, the ability to upgrade or replace existing data systems, and/or develop a custom database and/or report.
  • Manage data system solution installations and updates by vendors or outside consultants as needed, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Provides back-up support for academic faculty/student users of database systems as needed.
  • Develops and maintains data import and export links between report writing and database programs as needed.
  • Coordinates with and advises other Technology Office staff on the correct installation of database client software, correct backup procedures for database servers, and other issues as they arise.


  • Four years of college level computer-related courses or equivalent experience.
  • Prior related professional experience in an academic environment (preferred).

NECESSARY SKILLS and ABILITIES A high level of installation, configuration and administrative proficiency in the following:

  • FileMaker Pro: Client and Server
  • Blackbaud: Education Edge / Financial Edge & Raiser’s Edge
  • Finalsite, or other equivalent web CMS products

In addition, custom programming, maintenance, and development proficiency in:

  • FileMaker Pro
  • Microsoft Transact-SQL
  • Blackbaud
  • Ability to recognize, analyze, and effectively solve problems.
  • Capability to plan and coordinate multiple projects/activities simultaneously (multi-tasking).
  • Comfortable working on Mac and Windows operating systems.


  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to objectively assess and respond to difficult workplace situations; an awareness of one’s own style and how it affects others; the ability to appropriately adjust one’s own behavior being attentive, understanding, and respectful of others’ points of view; effectively responding to and resolving interpersonal problems in the workplace, and developing positive work relationships with others.
  • Problem Solving/Judgment: Analyze and solve problems by recognizing and dealing with facts; striking a balance between being participative, i.e., involving others, and being directive, depending on the needs; and examine situation with a diversity of perspectives in order to determine the best solution.
  • Achieves Results: Gets the job done by doing whatever it takes, within an appropriate timeframe; handle and deliver multiple projects simultaneously; implement plans and make mid-course changes when necessary; persistent in overcoming obstacles; and ensure follow-through to desired results.
  • Creativity/Innovation: Injects originality through research, personal knowledge, and networking relationships; thinks “outside the box”; brainstorms and encourages new ideas and solutions; and takes appropriate risks.
  • Customer Orientation: Provides a high quality of service for internal and external customers; seeks out, understands, and responds to client needs; develops effective relationships with clients; and continually seeks efficient ways to provide services by minimizing procedural requirements.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REQUIREMENTS This job requires a person to:

  • Use a computer nearly constantly, as well as occasionally use other office equipment such as copiers, printers, etc.
  • Move around the campus from time to time to attend meetings, etc.
  • Communicate with others in an accurate and detailed manner and in a variety of modes accessible to others.
  • Work whatever hours are needed to get the job done.


  • The environmental conditions typical to an academic setting with offices and classrooms located in multiple locations within several blocks of each other.
  • Varying levels of activity, i.e. people walking and talking individually and in groups in the immediate area.
  • Occasionally subjected to extremes of noise and temperature.