Data Systems Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Specialist / Associate
  • Systems / Operations
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Data / Database

The Buckley School is a dynamic, nurturing learning community committed to equity and inclusion, and as such, seeks to hire talented employees with diverse backgrounds.

This position is responsible for providing data management, understanding the operational data needs of each department, and is knowledgeable of all data vendors and products currently serving the school. Suggesting new uses for our data, training users in how to access and appreciate data and working closely with users who may be in high-pressure situations that require level-headed assistance. This person must be a self-starter that sees problems, proposes solutions and is eager to learn new things and work with a wide variety of people. This position reports to the Director of Technology and is a 12-month, full-time non-exempt employee.

Essential Functions

  • Provide general database support, and serve as an escalation point for database users as they perform their job functions in the following data systems, including but not limited to:

    • SchoolAdmin for admissions, enrollment management, financial aid

    • Blackbaud suite of products for academic operations, including:

      • Student Information System (SIS) a.k.a MyBUCKLEY for transcripts, report cards, progress reports, prose/narrative reports, scheduling and course selection, attendance, trips, events, transportation, etc.

      • Learning Management System (LMS) a.k.a MyBUCKLEY for class pages and learning management including grades

      • School Website for powering the school’s website, communication, and online event registration forms

      • The Raiser’s Edge NXT for donor management and fundraising management

      • The Financial Edge NXT suite of products for accounting and financial management

      • Tuition Management for tuition payments, remittance, and billing management

    • Magnus Health for health and medical data

    • ReadySub for substitute management

    • PTC Wizard for parent teacher conference scheduling

    • SchoolPass for transportation management

    • SCOIR for college counseling management

    • SchoolMessenger for emergency communication

    • Quest K1000 & Google Scripts for ticketing and field trip systems

    • Data integration to IXL, Reflex, Seesaw, etc. for academic use

    • In-house coded Entertainment Checklist website

    • Reporting for all of the above

  • Monitor the flow of employee, student and parent demographic and contact information across data systems school-wide, both current and historical records

  • Manage data integrations and/or perform exports/imports as needed across system

  • Consolidate systems where possible without losing functionality to reduce the number of systems storing redundant data

  • Supervision of administrative data operations, including but not limited to managing access controls, data systems errors and outages, and documenting school data procedures and workflows

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Technology


General Database Management

  • Serve as an enthusiastic advocate for comprehensive, reliable information. Serve as subject matter expert for the focus areas defined for each phase or for ongoing support

  • Perform advanced database functions, including global changes, exports, and imports of lists as needed to increase efficiency, automate processes, and extend the primary databases

  • Coordinate and perform system cleanup, including table entries, unused queries/exports/reports, duplicate records, and out-of-date information

  • Follow data management standards, best practices, and procedures, including cyber security

  • With Buckley staff, analyze administrative workflow, suggest, and implement improvements or efficiencies that support academic operations

Staff Skill Development and Support

  • Provide support to database users as they perform their job functions

  • Serve as an escalation point for users for questions and troubleshooting issues that arise regarding the Areas of Support outlined below, including parent support

  • Serve as a liaison with vendors when needed to report and resolve software issues, including product defects

  • Train users on an ongoing basis, including:

    • Basic training for new users as needed

    • Ongoing skill development for all users

    • New feature training when applicable

  • Provide both onsite training sessions when applicable, and more frequently provide shorter, targeted training sessions via phone and/or web meetings

  • Promote self-service access to information when possible, providing users with the knowledge and tools to find and use information


  • Develop and test reports as needed, including customized reports

  • Maintain these reports with changes required for different reporting periods, along with updating reports each academic year

  • Train users on refreshing, printing, and emailing reports, promoting self-service access to information

Areas of Support

Provide the following support services for the functional areas listed in the table below. Please note that specific products or vendors are referenced because they are currently in use at Buckley. Over time, products may be replaced with products from different or the same vendors. This role supports the functional area regardless of the specific product or vendor, mostly hosted off-site.

  • System configuration, create or maintain reports, perform advanced database functions, provide ongoing support as needed for end users, troubleshooting problems with processes or systems, facilitate the transfer of information between systems

  • Monitor help desk ticketing system and answer incoming calls to resolve and or direct trouble tickets in a timely manner

  • This role is not focused on maintaining or administering the databases themselves as they are hosted and maintained offsite. The only exception is our in-house coded entertainment checklist.


Bachelor's degree in data management, information science, or related field or at least 5-10 years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • 5-10 years of experience working with complex relational data systems similar to those mentioned above, preferably in a scholastic environment.


  • Experience managing an SIS or database, Blackbaud preferred
  • In-depth knowledge of data management standards, best practices, and procedures and cyber security
  • A deep understanding of complex spreadsheets, including formula usage
  • A coding/computer science skill set. Knowledge of SQL and C# language is preferred
  • Model the highest standards of professionalism and create warm, uplifting and trusting working relationships with a diverse community of students, parents, and faculty, marked by humor, positivity, humility, empathy, excellent emotional intelligence, extraordinary interpersonal skills, and collaboration.

  • Possess deep appreciation and passion for education, particularly in an independent school environment

  • Model a growth mindset and continuous learning, and believe in the capacity for adult growth.

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills in person, in writing, by phone and through other electronic means (such as Zoom), including proficiency in the basic rules of vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • Demonstrate great individual integrity, initiative, self-awareness, commitment to personal and professional growth, ability to receive and apply feedback, and the ability to advance multiple strategic and operational priorities simultaneously.

  • Offer evidence of a successful track record in meeting or exceeding stated goals, including detail-oriented and strong organizational skills

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Blackbaud, and the ability to learn new and evolving technology.

  • Demonstrate adaptability, dependability, good judgment, strong social skills, impressive communication skills in writing and speaking, and the abilities to read, assess, analyze, imagine, evaluate, calculate, & make wise decisions