Database Administrator

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Administrator / Manager (of network or database)
  • Systems / Operations
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Data / Database

Primary Function 

Under general supervision, performs work of considerable difficulty in participating as lead database administrator and team leader in the analysis, definition, programming, testing and implementation of new databases and software application systems; assists in the technical direction of programmers, programmer trainees, contract programmers; performs related work as required. 

Directly Responsible To 

Director of Technology and Information Services


Major Responsibilities 

  1. Upgrades and installs applications systems and database software; converts prior database applications into new database formats; configures database software; writes SQL routines when necessary; maintains production and test databases; establishes and maintains database security; monitors database size and growth and adds space as needed. 

  2. Monitors database engine performance and tunes as needed; monitors database statistics; establishes daily and periodic database backups; establishes daily management of log backups; manages database product support contracts, products, support calls. 

  3. Analyzes problems, proposed systems and modifications to systems outlined by the System Programming and Operations Supervisor. 

  4. Consults with representatives of user departments and analyzes time, resource and technical requirements needed to meet user requirements. 

  5. Designs, codes, tests, documents and implements computer programs for the most complex systems. 

  6. Writes and maintains systems, programming and user documentation of assigned systems, maintains large complex operational systems by monitoring production to assure success. 

  7. Locates causes of unsuccessful runs and corrects problems. 

  8. Conducts meetings with staff and users to ensure soundness of designs and programs and that requirements and standards are being met. 

  9. Supervises and evaluates assigned classified staff as required by Director of Technology Information Services.


Knowledge and Skills

Database structures and database management. 

  1. Principles and techniques of system procedure analysis and development, program planning, computer programming and processing, forms design and control requirements. 

  2. Systems and procedures analysis and design. 

  3. Considerable skill in Structured COBOL programming and SQL. 

  4. Principles and procedures of application and systems software programming.

  5. Principles and techniques for project planning, scheduling and control. 

  6. Principles and techniques for developing and monitoring goals, objectives and time lines. 

  7. Supervise, coordinate and direct systems analysis, design and programming activities. 

  8.  Analyze data and situations, identify problems, reason logically and develop conclusions and effective solutions.

  9. Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

  10. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and user departments.

  11. Establish, monitor and control projects priorities and schedules to accomplish work.

  12. Keep abreast of current changes in developments in the information systems field.


Education, Training and Experience 

Any combination equivalent to graduation from college in computer science, accounting, business administration, management information systems or related field and two years work experience in systems analysis and application programming.