Director of Academic Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

The Director of Academic Technology is a 42-week teaching faculty position that reports to the Director of Faculty Development. The Director of Academic Technology supports and enables the integration of technology into the curriculum for the improvement of teaching and learning. The Director is responsible for the School’s academic technology strategy and for the implementation of that strategy in the context of faculty, student, institutional, and academic departmental goals.  Therefore, the Director is expected to maintain contemporary knowledge and expertise in the fields of emerging technologies, curriculum design, and pedagogies relevant to the instructional uses of technology.

To achieve these goals the Director: 

  • Works closely with the Director of Faculty Development to plan for the professional development of the faculty, through both internal and external workshops and conferences, and to ensure that technology initiatives are consistent with the pedagogical direction of the School; 

  • Works closely with academic department heads to ensure that technology initiatives are consistent with the goals of each department; 

  • Works closely with faculty members, whether individually and in groups, in support of their pedagogical and program needs, to ensure they have the technology tools to meet their curricular commitments and responsibilities; 

  • Collaborates with the Director of Information Technology to ensure curricular technology is appropriately implemented and supported, and to coordinate academic program efforts with overall school initiatives and strategies; 

  • Collaborates with the Director of the Library on the use and development of electronic content, identifying the appropriate tools to deliver and store that content, and on other initiatives as appropriate; 

  • Models technology integration in the classroom;

  • Stays current on research regarding teaching, learning, and assessment with technology by participating in ongoing professional development;

  • Leverages the connections between technology tools and improved learning, including identification of the relationship between specific technology tools and the optimization of learning;

  • Runs a Technology and Learning Institute (TLI) each June to train faculty in the appropriate use of specific technologies or tools to enhance teaching and learning; and

  • Provides leadership, direction, and oversight to the Academic Technology Team, who aids the Director in this work.

Committees: The Director of Academic Technology chairs the Instructional Technology Committee (ITC) and attends meetings of the Policy Committee and Academic Department Heads as appropriate. 

Outreach:  The nature of technology professional development and professional reputation outside the school demand some days away from the school. The school will permit two days per term involving class absences for work outside the school.  A class schedule that omits teaching one day a week will be provided to facilitate overnight trips.  

The Director of Academic Technology undertakes other duties as assigned by the Head of School, Dean of Faculty, or Director of Faculty Development. 

Other duties:   

  • The Director teaches two courses each term in one of Choate’s academic departments. 

  • The Director serves as an adviser for four to eight Choate students and has dormitory advising responsibilities. 

  • The Director plays some role in the extracurricular life of the school. 


  • Holds advanced degree or equivalent experience 

  • At least five years of classroom teaching experience; high school level preferred 

  • Demonstrates cultural competency; skilled at engaging with and learning from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences 

  • Understands how to support the implementation of technology initiatives across multiple content areas 

  • Knowledge of instructional technology partners and the education technology marketplace, including software and devices 

  • Demonstrated ability to plan, design, implement and evaluate professional development initiatives/programs 

  • Understanding of online environments in teaching and learning 

  • Basic understanding of the primary technologies that undergird the use of instructional technologies in schools (e.g., WiFi, school networks, major operating systems, LMSs, etc.)

  • Strong leadership, organizational, and time management skills, including the capacity to motivate faculty members

  • Strong interpersonal skills 

  • Coaching, teaching, and mentoring ability 

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills