Director of Curriculum and Innovative Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Academics
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Curriculum / Program
  • Instructional Technology

Summary Description: Full-time, 10-month Temporary position for the 2018-19 school year; responsible for ensuring that Hanahau‘oli’s educational program supports the school’s mission and reflects current best practices. Reports to the Interim Head of School.

Candidates must present a strong orientation to progressive philosophy and teaching methods, and possess a strong knowledge of elementary age curriculum, instruction, assessment, and educational technology. S/he will be expected to lead curriculum continuity initiatives and support teachers in effectively integrating technology into the curriculum. S/he will also be expected to coordinate and facilitate professional development experiences for faculty and staff in collaboration with the Director of the PDC. In addition, candidates are expected to communicate in a professional manner with Hanahau‘oli constituents, demonstrate commitment to on-going learning and professional development, support the school in its mission and beliefs, and contribute to its functioning as a close-knit community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities are listed below; additional duties may be assigned as needed to contribute to the smooth functioning of the school.


  • Lead strategic initiatives regarding the use of technology;

  • Develop a comprehensive technology plan;

  • Chair the TLC (Technology Learning Committee);

  • Partner with the Librarian to teach digital citizenship concepts to students;

  • Manage educational software programs, including training or coordinating training on software;

  • Develop, coordinate, and teach workshops and classes on applications for student-related technologies;

  • Provide technical curriculum assistance regarding hardware usage, software applications, computer technology, and the general instructional use of technology in the classroom;

  • Assist in the technology integration across the curriculum;

  • Motivate and lead the faculty in the creative and innovative technology use by working collaboratively with faculty, students and administration;

  • Model staying current with technological knowledge and skills;

  • Collaborate with the IT Specialist to maintain the electronic progress report system and assist faculty with training for online progress reports;



  • Oversee and direct the activities of curriculum initiatives;

  • Collaborate with the Head of School regarding curricular and technology needs aligned with the school’s mission;

  • Assist the Head of School in conversations with faculty which will deal with the stimulating exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern;

  • Along with the Head of School, observe and assist the faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum and review and evaluate the academic programs;

  • Assist teachers in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives;

  • Assure uniformity in assessment, parent reporting, and academic standards;

  • Serve as a resource for faculty, recommending workshops, curricular changes, speakers, programs, school observations, etc.;

  • Review academic balance and alignment throughout the curriculum;

  • Coordinate efforts to fulfill academic strategic initiatives, which include nurturing faculty and cultivating innovation;

  • Provide leadership and innovation for teaching and learning;

  • Support and empower teams to enact mission-aligned curricular decisions and leverage their learning to benefit the entire professional community

Qualifications: Bachelor’s or higher degree in area of curriculum, elementary education, technology or related field.

Training and experience (at least 5 years) in educational leadership in an elementary school context.

Applicants should demonstrate the following:

  • Strong knowledge of elementary school curriculum, instruction, and assessment;

  • Understanding of thematic curriculum (social studies/science based);

  • Understanding of the relationship among curriculum, instruction and assessment;

  • Understanding of multiple learning styles and developmental theory;

  • Ability to differentiate and individualize learning based on student needs;

  • Ability to plan strategically, and manage school-wide projects and initiatives;

  • Ability to identify the affordances of technology and use technology to enhance the effectiveness of learning/instruction/assessment;

  • Commitment to on-going learning and reflective practice shown through a history of professional development;

  • Ability to effectively communicate, in written and verbal form;

  • Ability to collaborate with others;


Interested candidates are asked to email or mail resume with three references and cover letter to:

Cynthia Gibbs-Wilborn, Head of School Hanahau‘oli School
1922 Makiki Street
Honolulu, HI 96822