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The Director of Educational Technology is a critical and strategic member of the Friends Select School community, and is responsible for driving the development and implementation of a vision for how technology can facilitate and improve our students' learning outcomes across all grade levels.

In addition to consulting with the Administrative Council, the Director will need to connect regularly with faculty and staff about technology needs, establish ongoing communication channels with divisional and departmental leaders, and serve as a strategic partner for technology decision-making and implementation. The Director will dedicate much of their time to delivering the finest customer care to the school community for all of their educational and technical support and service needs. The Director will use their strong educational and technical skills to ensure they and their team are resolving issues effectively and efficiently. The Director will report directly to the Head of School, and should be a visionary leader that is in tune with the technology needs of faculty, students, staff, and administration.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Design, deliver, and manage professional development and growth experiences in areas of technology integration for the school community, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration

  • Evaluate emerging technology tools and guide divisional and departmental leaders on strategic and operational decisions involving instructional technology, hardware, software, and programs

  • Assess the effectiveness of, and lead efforts to improve, the school's implementation of technology tools

  • Provide training and support to students, faculty, staff, and administration in the use of technology

  • Provide support for the school's technology helpdesk to resolve issues with technology effectively and efficiently

  • Serve on and/or oversee technology-related committees

  • Establish strong partnerships with members of the faculty to develop and implement dynamic classroom projects involving technology integration

  • Maintain an active presence in the local, regional, and national educational technology communities

  • Establish partnerships with outside organizations to support the goals of the educational technology program at Friends Select School

  • Oversee and collaborate with the technology team

  • Collaborate on the successful deployment and maintenance of hardware, software, and network systems

  • Plan and oversee major projects to transition from one system to another

  • Work with the technology team and the director of finance to develop the operational and capital technology budgets, and anticipate future technology needs to meet the strategic goals of the school

  • Monitor and maintain the performance of the school's network

  • Monitor the success and effectiveness of ongoing services, user applications and programs, and hardware

  • Collaborate on the school's IT resources inventory and oversee the technology life cycle program

  • In conjunction with divisional and departmental leaders, evaluate technology policies, procedures, and processes in areas such as end-user support, network access, and content filtering

  • Other duties as assigned

Professional Qualifications and Personal Qualities:

  • A bachelor's degree (required)

  • A graduate degree in instructional technology, information systems, education, or a related field desirable

  • Experience and comfort with MacOS, Windows, and Chrome OS

  • Experience with educational and related software, such as Blackbaud, various Learning Management Systems, Google Education, Adobe Creative Suite, Promethean ActivInspire

  • Experience with up-to-date network hardware, software & protocols, especially security protocols, connection procedures, and other necessary software such as Active Directory, Sophos Firewall Security, BetterCloud for G Suite, Finalsite, Meraki, Windows Server 2012 and later 

  • A desire to develop deep connections and partnerships with faculty, staff, and administrators

  • A collaborative approach, paired with a cooperative and patient mindset

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Work experience in a community setting (school or other institution)

  • Classroom experience desirable

  • Comfort with a dynamic, highly mobile day-to-day rhythm

  • Experience leading workshops, trainings, and projects related to technology integration, end-user training, and technology support

  • An eye on the horizon of emerging educational technology systems and paradigms, with an understanding of how to thoughtfully explore and evaluate such opportunities

  • Capability to lift up to 25 pounds and access hardware in hard-to-reach spaces


Organization: Friends Select School
Job Category:
Areas of Responsibility:
Instructional Technology
Job Level:
Senior position
Job Sector:
Instructional Technology