Director of Information Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Information Technology

Helios School is an innovative, independent school community for gifted children in grades K-8. The Director of Informational Technology (DIT) is responsible for all aspects of technology at the School. S/He is responsible for the planning and implementation of the School’s technology program, including building, evaluating and recommending new technology services and applications for all departments.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Fully supports the School’s mission and is a highly engaging, positive and assertive ambassador for the School.

  2. Works collaboratively and supportively with the HOS and members of the School’s Administrative Team.

  3. Willing to embrace the lifestyle of working in a small independent school by being a team player and working

  4. the amount of time that is required to model excellence in job performance.

  5. Provides leadership and administration for the operation and functioning of the School consistent with the

  6. philosophy, mission, values and goals of the School.

  7. Manages the technology budget, based on the School’s changing and projected technology needs, keeping it

  8. well documented. Inventories all technology purchases, meeting with the Director of Finance and Operations

  9. at least monthly to ensure documentation, e.g. receipts are accurate.

  10. Is responsible for ensuring reliable network connectivity. Understands the network configuration so that any

  11. outages, e.g. Internet or Wi-Fi, may be addressed expeditiously.

  12. Is the primary contact on behalf of Helios to the School’s Technology Vendors, which includes but is not

  13. limited to, Internet Service Provider (currently Comcast), Firewall and Access Point systems (currently Meraki), on-site Facility Hosts (St. Martin), Content Management System & E-mail Services (currently Google Apps for Education) and other any similar partnerships in which the School may engage in the future.

  14. Oversees and ensures proper maintenance of the School’s external Website – Domain Name registrar (currently Go-Daddy), Website Hosting Service (currently FinalSite) and other cloud or on-line network services with which the School partners.

  15. Manages and keeps an inventory of hardware, software and devices, ensuring that they are used effectively and efficiently. Is responsible for purchasing and on-boarding all devices, e.g. computers, television, AppleTVs, network equipment, etc.

  16. Meets regularly with the Director of Teaching and Learning to create and update a model for planned technological infrastructure improvements, device maintenance and instruction integration schoolwide.

  17. Keeps all technology-related systems working seamlessly for the School’s users. Installs, configures and troubleshoots devices for staff and pupils, establishing updates and back-up procedures for all systems and devices. Installs printers throughout the School and is responsible for ensuring there is an adequate supply of ink at all times. Is responsible for ensuring that the copy and fax machines are operational.

  18. Purchases and installs software for specific curricular and programmatic needs and trains staff on their use. This includes planning for future technology needs; observing classrooms in action to provide individual or group support to instructors; viewing administrators’ workflow to discern ways that technology can support the School’s goals; and supporting MAP testing – ensuring all computers are set up properly to administer the test, instructing staff and pupils on the use of computers for test taking and supporting any outages during test taking.

  19. Helps users to become increasingly proficient in collaborating with Google Apps. Manages the Google Apps

  20. for Education domain by collaborating with other administrators to create, modify and keep structures such as the Helios Intranet (internal Website) updated. Creates, modifies and maintains any Google groups for communication. Re-sets passwords as needed. Creates clear User Agreements to guide appropriate use.

  21. Trains staff in how to use Google Apps effectively and builds processes to help staff find ways to collaborate more effectively. Trains staff on printing, projectors, smartboards, or any other School computer devises. Answers computer-related questions and troubleshoots any problems as needs arise. Provides assistance in document imaging systems, scanning and storage. Helps teachers communicate through Google Sites.

  22. Trains parents on how to use the School’s systems, as appropriate, e.g. logging into their accounts, with calendar sharing, e-mail access and Intranet site access. Assists as needed with connecting parents to teachers through the School’s processes, such as, with ILPs or progress reports.

  23. Helps pupils to become familiar with commonly used tools that pupils use and makes him/herself available to answer their questions. Occasionally provides classes for instruction in Google Apps, Keyboarding and Electives, as needed.

  24. Prepares and presents information regarding the School to the Board of Directors and any other committee or external agency, as requested by the HOS.

  25. Serves as a member of the Helios Administration Team.

  26. Serves and/or Chairs committees as needed.

  27. Performs other duties and oversees special assignments as necessary or assigned by the HOS.