Director, Information Technology Infrastructure Services

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Information Technology

Plan, direct and control IT infrastructure related to the network, telecommunications, server for the University. Provide vision and leadership in the strategic planning, development, implementation, support and measurement for server hardware, operating systems, infrastructure tools and software, data networks, voice networks and other related infrastructure-related technology. Recommends appropriate policies, procedures and metrics for campus-wide related IT infrastructure. Helps ensure IT infrastructure is reliable, scalable, and has the appropriate amounts of redundancy. Contact with clients and vendors are required on an as needed basis. Performs other related duties as required.

Essential Functions:

Responsible for ensuring special projects are completed (ex. Disaster Recovery Planning, new project implementations, upgrades, maintenance, etc.). Actively participate in campus-wide business continuity and emergency management planning.

Responsible for the day to day operations of the related IT infrastructure. Manage technical operations functions. Review related infrastructure performance management reports and recommends improvements before service is interrupted. Ensure production and backup schedules are maintained. Implement necessary 24 / 7 monitoring to identify potential problems before services are interrupted.

Create and maintain an IT staff with the capability to implement and support the related IT infrastructure needs of the University, ensuring cost effectiveness and reliability. Hire, manage, coach and develop project teams as required to maintain the departmental performance and user service levels. Participate in and recommend hiring, transfer, discipline, suspension, promotion and discharge of employees. Recruit, supervise and mentor a team of managers, technical engineers, database administrators, database architects’ system engineers and documentation resources.  Ensure a positive work environment and makes staff aware of university goals, objectives, and compliance requirements to all applicable employment policies.

Meet with administrative department heads, VPs, Deans and Department Chairs to discuss strategies and priorities of potential and ongoing projects. Prepare short and long-term related IT infrastructure plans for the University while reviewing current business strategies and making recommendations for improvement to CIO.

Build metrics scoreboards by which related infrastructure groups will be measured to ensure all constituencies served are satisfied with services being delivered. Issue a one, two, and three year plan each year which establishes objectives, defines strategy, identifies operational actions and defines measures that will lead to the coordination of related IT infrastructure with University objectives. Establish and maintain detailed as-built documentation, asset databases, knowledge databases, policies, procedures, goals, milestones change control documentation, production controls per GAAP standards and other documentation required to effectively manage the related IT infrastructure.  Develop departmental and project budgets for short and long-term budget planning as well as tracking budget performance. Actively participate in the Division-wide budget process. Submit annual operating and IT capital budgets, including hardware, software, and personnel resources. Issue monthly report of budget vs. actual for departmental accounts. Ensure the infrastructure departments meet operating and capital budget targets. Provide a cost effective and reliable IT infrastructure for all university facilities.  Direct and facilitate the acquisition of information technology ensuring all technology is cost justified and consistent with short and long term business objectives.

Required Qualifications

Requires a relevant Bachelor's Degree preferably in business, computer science, or engineering and a minimum of  six (6) years’ experience with related IT infrastructure including experience in telecommunications, networking, server hardware, operating systems, infrastructure software, configurations, administrative and academic computing. Must have experience managing the planning, installation, testing, implementation and support of leading-edge related IT infrastructure. Must understand the technical obligations of contracts for hardware and software acquisition and maintenance. Must understand the higher education environment and regulations that govern its operation. Must also possess experience in managing computer operations. Strong leadership capabilities coupled with a track record in high-performance team development are required. Must be a self-starting, strategic thinker with the following leadership qualities skilled communicator, visionary outlook, willingness to initiate change, ability to rally the troops, tech savvy, ability to manage expectations, understands and supports project management principles, and understands the financials.

Preffered Qualifications

  • A Master's degree in a relevant field

  • 5 or more years of personnel management experience.

  • Intermediate to advanced technical certification in one or more disciplines.

  • Experience with state and national higher education technical working groups.

  • Experience managing multiple areas of IT Infrastructure (Networking, Telecommunications, Server, etc.)

  • Experience working in organizations with formal IT governance and operational control.