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Departmental Overview

UC Berkeley Extension is a one of the largest and oldest continuing education operations thriving in the United States, with 2,000 professional development and personal enrichment classes and approximately 38,000 enrollments annually.  

The Director of IT Operations reports to and works closely with the Director of Information Technology to rationalize a dynamic portfolio of administrative and academic Information Technology services; continually assessing organizational goals, challenges, needs, skills and operational ability to deliver services and solutions; engage in high-level organizational staff and space plans; prioritize competing projects to optimize delivery and value; represent Extension's IT department internally, on and off campus.

Success in this role requires a results-oriented leader with extensive experience in technical service and solution design, administration and support, process engineering, business analysis, customer service delivery and enterprise wide thinking.  The best candidate will demonstrate broad social and leadership skills, years of experience identifying challenges and driving adoption of solutions, a deep understanding of Extension’s business model, and a comprehensive understanding of the impact that educational spaces and services have on student success. 

As Director of IT Operations, develop cohesion across multiple diverse, technical and operational teams (roughly 25 FTE) and lead the transformation of the delivery of Information Technology services across Extension’s multiple facilities.  The Director of IT Operations will provide direction to Extension’s Classroom and Technology Services supervisors, technical  and clerical teams, aligning Extension’s mission, instructional needs, and student objectives with a portfolio of high-impact classroom technical services; define and execute a portfolio of differentiating user-centric services and organize resources and skills to guarantee exceptional delivery; work closely with the Manager of Instructional Design to create an environment that facilitates agility and the adoption of best-in-class educational technologies and learning environments; manage, provide leadership and direction to Extension's Director of Facilities; optimize the intersection of facilities and Information Technology services delivery; provide direction to Extension’s Facilities Manager, team, and oversee academic and administrative space renovations to enhance collaboration, utility and value; provision enabling end-user technologies to support administrative staff deliver low-cost, high-quality student services.



  • Administers IT policies that directly affect subordinate employees.

  • Establish and recommend changes to policies that affect the department.  

  • Oversee development and administer comprehensible and actionable business continuity policy and plan

  • Oversee development and administer comprehensible and actionable staffing and meeting space continuity plan

  • Oversee development and administer comprehensible and actionable incident management policies and plans 

  • Oversee the management of security, health and safety, maintenance and renovations, moves, and custodial and assets

  • Oversee development and administer sustainable technical asset lifecycle management plan

  • Responsible for assessing and setting performance and customer service delivery standards for operational teams


  • Define and execute a sustainable portfolio of differentiating and high-impact academic and administrative services while identifying and eliminating non-differentiating, distracting, and potentially costly services

  • Coordinates with functional departments involved in system requirements, techniques, and controls.  

  • Reduce complexity of service delivery; develop and align staff and skills to deliver exceptional service whether prescriptive or white-glove inspired   

  • Enable and lower the cost of delivering high quality classroom student services

  • Elevate the student classroom experience with best-in-class educational technologies and services

  • Eliminate non-differentiating, distracting, potentially costly or redundant services

  • Align services, resources and skills to guarantee exceptional delivery of service whether prescriptive or white glove

  • Work closely with Extension’s Manager of Instructional Design to identify and adopt best-in-class educational technologies

  • Develop a data-centric approach to inform performance and customer service objectives, and gain insight into resource utilization, staffing, and skills

  • Work closely with Academic directors to connect portfolio of services with instructors and student outcomes, and to promote the effective integration of IT into teaching and learning activities

  • Manage internal and external 3rd party teams (such as Campus Shared Services, IST, data and network communications, etc.) to best support a rich portfolio of academic and administrative supportive technologies and services.

  • Work closely with department directors to comprehend business challenges and develop solutions to add value to the organization

  • Work closely with Extension’s Registrar and Student Services to identify and address opportunities to augment or reinforce classroom service delivery, reception and wayfinding with student services delivery and academic advising.

  • Work closely with Extension’s Marketing department to understand and align facilities and IT services with new and returning student expectations

  • Provision cost-effective environments including classrooms, labs, conference rooms, solo and specialty spaces


  • Provides direction and guidance to roughly 25 FTE including managers, supervisors, technical and clerical staff, with the latitude of established HR and Campus policies.  Acts as an advisor to staff members to meet schedules and/or assist with technical, skills or service delivery issues.  

  • Develops and monitors operational and budget processes, staff FTE, finance, human resources and space planning, and asset lifecycle management

  • Provide direct supervision, leadership and direction to Extension's Classroom and Technology Services supervisors (2), Business/Tech Support Analysts (2) and indirectly a team of roughly 13

  • Provide direct supervision, leadership and direction to Extension's Director of Facilities, and team of 2

  • Provide direct leadership to Extension’s HelpDesk Computer Resource Specialist

  • Lead overall direction and influence distributed teams serving 3 campuses, 4 facilities, and roughly 70 classrooms including 5 computer classrooms, and 3 labs

  • Organize, recruit, motivate, develop and align staff roles and skills with service portfolio, service delivery models and organizational objectives

  • Develop support models to sustain and excel at the delivery of intertwined facilities and IT services.  

  • Create an organizational capability that welcomes new technology and is able to refresh services with agility not only remain relevant but to excel

  • Create a highly functional team that responds with urgency and accuracy

  • Plan and forecast space allocation, utilization, leases and rents

  • Forecast and plan for acquisition of hardware, software, and licenses, furniture, signage, custodial, security, etc in support of Academic and Administrative departments

  • Ongoing oversight of cost control measures 

  • Control special project budgets and resources

  • Course correct and align spending trends to forecasted budget


  • Manages, through subordinate supervisors, the coordination of activities of a department with responsibility for results in terms of costs, methods, and employees. 

  • Establish departmental goals and objectives, and manage through subordinate supervisors the coordination of activities of a department with responsibility for results in terms of costs, methods, and employees in the following areas:

    • Lead the Classroom Technology and Support teams, Supervisors and Manager and transform classroom service delivery, elevate customer service, and refresh classroom technology by aligning Extension’s mission, instructional needs, and student objectives with a portfolio of high-impact classroom services

    • Manage internal and external 3rd party technical engineering and support teams (such as Campus Shared Services, IST, data and network communications, etc.) to best support a rich portfolio of academic and administrative supportive technologies and services.

    • Optimize the intersection of facilities and IT service delivery and create cohesion and unity across managers of all operational teams; leverage user-centric design thinking to administrative and academic spaces and provision enabling end-user technologies to support administrative staff deliver low-cost, high-quality student services.

Required Qualifications:

  • Uses and applies applicable Information Technology theories and concepts to manage and provide solutions.

  • Superior judgment and ability to work autonomously, make excellent management, customer service, and business decisions consistent with the mission of Extension.

  • Superior judgement to provide appropriate levels of urgency and responsiveness to direction, issues, and incidents.

  • Reliable judgement to provision solutions and contributions that are consistently intentional, impactful, and of the highest caliber.

  • Reliable judgement to navigate and coach customer service across a complex matrix service paradigms and costs.

  • Ability to identify and drive meaningful change by leveraging analysis, service and portfolio management, project and change management and leadership.

  • Proven ability to connect tactical decisions to strategic goals.

  • Proven ability to build on a collaborative leadership style that inspires talent, fosters professional pride, and results in impressive, shared visions and achievements.

  • Ability to attract, recruit, motivate and retain talent to develop highly functional and results-oriented teams that thrive under a collaborative leadership style.

  • Ability to organize, develop and manage resources; to align knowledge and skills with operational and organizational goals.

  • Ability to listen to others, to synthesize multiple ideas effectively and incorporate diverse points of view.

  • Ability to model professional behaviors; efficiency and quality in one’s own work; inclusion, cooperation and teamwork; initiative and responsibility; accessibility and accountability.

  • Ability to communicate persuasively, accurately, succinctly and with sensitivity while adapting the message to targeted audience.

  • Ability to act as advocate or proxy for Extension’s Information Technology unit.

  • Proven broad social and leadership skills to collaborate across functional units, to lead diverse teams while cultivating effective alliances and relationships; developing trust, engagement, consensus, and value in solutions.

  • Ability to develop and lead multiple initiatives and teams to resolve pressing time sensitive issues in a resource constrained environment.

  • Proven success leading complex projects to deliver appreciable value in an agile environment.   

  • Proven success and extensive experience in technical service and solution design; technical solution administration and support; technical and operational process analysis, engineering, and re-engineering.

  • Experience to draw relevant service and support insights from a broad Information Technology and enterprise solutions portfolio.

  • Proven history of providing highly effective and efficient customer service to a broad spectrum of clients.

  • Ability to delegate and oversee assignments to ensure successful and timely completion.


  • Bachelors degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training 

Salary & Benefits


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