Director of Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology


Under the direction of the Executive Director, Administrative Services, organizes, assigns, supervises, and reviews the activities of the computer network systems and data processing of the District. The director will plan, organize, coordinate, maintain, and supervise in a cost-effective and efficient manner the management of (1) computer and technology resources for student/instructional purposes, (2) computer network systems for management support to student records and student information, (3) computer support for general management including the management information system (MIS) at all District sites, (4) all communication systems including telecommunications, and (5) develop external funding opportunities to maximize resources to operate District and school educational programs. In addition, the director will provide support and assistance in the area of computer resources for Districtwide management support used by business and accounting, Food Services, Education and Assessment Services, Associated Student Body, warehouse, purchasing, transportation, maintenance and operations, and human resources.


  1. Maintain all administrative and academic network computer systems.

  2. Maintain the general management computer information system operating software to established standards.

  3. Maintain the computer system network(s) equipment and system software to operate to the system’s specifications.

  4. Recommend and effectively locate alternative sources, negotiate agreements, order/arrange for services, and supervise selected outside vendors for hardware, software, communications, telecommunications, and network technical assistance/repair that is not feasible to do internally.

  5. Effectively provide service directly to schools, Human Resources, Business Services, and Education and Assessment Services in the use and operation of all technology and communication equipment and software at the designated sites.

  6. Plan and manage the technology communication services budget in an effective manner.

  7. Plan and implement improvements for computer and general management information computer systems in an effective manner.

  8. Effectively maintain liaison with internal client groups through scheduled “client/user” meetings.

  9. Maintain and improve professional skills in the computer-related technologies necessary to meet assigned responsibilities. Fullerton Joint Union High School District AR 2124.28(b)

  10. Be an active advocate of computer and computer-related technology and assist District staff members in effective use of the technology.

  11. Direct, supervise, and educate departmental staff members.

  12. Develop and implement long-range plans for computer network, management information systems, and instructional technology use and District needs.

  13. Maintain Districtwide telephone and telecommunications systems.

  14. Plan and implement improvements for telephone and telecommunication systems.

  15. Oversight and review of all Information Technology (IT) related purchasing.

  16. Develop and maintain effective relationships with technology leadership of local educational agencies. (feeder districts, Regional Occupational Program (ROP), and Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA).

  17. Effectively administer the District collection of data and submissions to California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data (CALPADS).

  18. Effectively administer District access to Smarter Balance Assessment Systems (SBAC) and Test Information Distribution System (TIDE).

  19. Effectively administer District services to support the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) student testing.

  20. Effectively administer and maintain District emergency notification system.

  21. Assist with the development and implementation of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

  22. Develop and implement all Information Technology (IT) policies and procedures; including, architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision.

  23. Monitor computer, network, and e-mail system usage. Provide documentation and recording when necessary.

  24. Other duties assigned by the supervisor will be effectively accomplished.