Director of Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology


Be a born-again Christian who feels called by God to serve in a Christian school. The primary responsibility is to assist the Head of School to provide leadership and assume management responsibility for the direction, coordination, integration, and implementation of technology across all school buildings and departments. Applicants must hold a Bachelor's Degree or work equivalent experience in a field appropriate for this position (eg Management Information System, Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Management, Educational Technology.)


  1. Possess experience setting up, configuring, and managing network components.

  2. Have working knowledge and experience with MS Active Directory.

  3. Understand Google Suite (Google Apps for Education), Windows 10, and Microsoft Server.

  4. Be able to troubleshoot problems and determine a solution.

  5. Communicate well with all levels within the organization. 

  6. Effectively negotiate and work with vendors and consultants.

  7. Work with the parent community and staff on various organizational and technology advisory committees.

  8. Authorizes permissions and individual access to technology applications or services for the purpose of ensuring proper access to technology systems by staff, students, parents, and others consistent with school operating guidelines and regulations.

  9. Communicates technology-related activities in a timely manner to all stakeholders. 

  10. Maintains technology equipment and systems (e.g. servers, telephone systems, intercoms, alarms, surveillance cameras, software applications, network) for the purpose of ensuring that systems are functioning properly and effectively in support of administrative and educational operations. 

  11. Manages procurement, inventory, and a surplus of technology equipment, systems, and related services for the purpose of ensuring that all technology purchases for goods and/or services are consistent with the school’s technology objectives and that equipment is properly inventoried or surplused, consistent with local, school and state regulations. 

  12. Monitors the technology budget and expenditures for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, expenses are within budget limits and fiscal practices and Board of Education policies are followed. 

  13. Oversees functioning of the technology operations of the school for the purpose of ensuring an effective, efficient, and safe environment, where technology equipment and applications are utilized appropriately and efficiently to support routine administrative and educational functions of the school. 

  14. Prepares a wide variety of documents, reports, and materials (e.g. policy and procedure documents, emails, memos, correspondence, budget, specifications, plans and drawings, analysis and test results, and cost estimates) for the purpose of providing necessary information to support school operations, including reporting internally and externally to the state or federal agencies, and other entities as required by the school, state and/or federal regulations. 

  15. Tests technology applications, tools, and programs for the purpose of assessing proposed products, programs, or tools to provide feedback for the administrative decision processes, to ensure the appropriate acquisition of educational and operational technology solutions, and to assist others with these functions.