Director of Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology


Summary of Function

The Director is a dynamic leader charged with developing and implementing a strategic vision in all areas of technology for the District.  They will facilitate the integration of digital tools, network security and best practices into technology operations and administrative systems.  Requires strong project management skills in addition to strategic planning and hands on implementation.  The Technology Director will be responsible for planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining the technology systems and infrastructure for the District.

Duties and responsibilities


  1. Develop and implement a strategic vision for the use of technology in the district in both the academic and infrastructural systems.

  2. Maintain knowledge of and communicate current research finding and forecasts related       to the effective use of technology in the school’s educational and business programs.

  3. Establish and evaluate opportunities and threats to FUSD security apparatus.

  4. Provide current information to support decision-making on technology matters.

  5. Serve as primary leader of the district’s technology initiative(s), planning training and communicating with and presenting to staff, students and parents details of the initiative(s).

  6. Partner with members of the community to articulate mission, values, and connections between ethics and technology.

  7. Focus on ensuring that network and other technology resources are used safely and responsibly.

  8. Directs the development, coordination and evaluation of network security, including disaster recovery. 

  9. Champion changes in curriculum design and delivery in conjunction with administrators.


  1. Oversee all administrative aspects of technology programs and services within the district, including infrastructure implementation and maintenance, network security, support of staff in the use of hardware and equipment and management.

  2. Establishes standard procedures for evaluation, use, and support of technology, including hardware, operating software, and applications. 

  3. Evaluate the performance of technology department employees and oversee training and support.

  4. Oversee the delegated responsibility of district based programs and applications.

Procurement and Budgeting

  1. Effectively allocate and manage resources to support strategic priorities and initiatives.

  2. Provide leadership in the purchase and acquisition of new technology and equipment.  Consults with appropriate stakeholders to coordinate, evaluate, recommend, and purchase new technology and equipment.

  3. Possess the understanding of industry-standard related practices and procedures of regulations and guidelines as they relate to the purchase and use of software (specifically copyright laws and the use of licensed equipment and materials).

  4. Develop and monitor the annual department budget in cooperation with appropriate stakeholders.

Professional Responsibilities

  1. Comply with applicable District, state, local and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

  2. Respond willingly to emergency situations outside of the standard work schedule.

  3. Keeps current regarding innovations, trends, and standards in the area of technology.

  4. Professionally represent the schools and District in a professional manner.



Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field appropriate for this position - required

  • Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Management, or other equivalent disciplines

  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university - preferred

  • Minimum 5 years progressively responsible experience in the development, installation and maintenance of information systems

  • Knowledge and applied understanding of instructional application of a wide range of hardware and software in a variety of educational settings

  • Supervisory experience in directing and managing professional and classified staff

  • Expertise and experience in providing training in the administration and/or instructional uses of technology

  • Experience in developing and managing budgets and in planning capital for capital bonds.

  • Consideration will be given to an alternative combination of education and experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that encompasses the essential functions.

Working conditions

Indoor office environment.  

Physical requirements

Work involves the performance of duties where physical exertion and movement is required to perform the aspects of the job.  Assistance is available as required to perform physically demanding tasks.  Work involves sitting and moving for extended periods of time, requires moving from one location to another, reaching, bending, hold and grasping objects.  Verbal communication ability required.

Equipment, Aids, Tools and Materials

Uses office equipment which includes but is not limited to: computers, video projectors, white boards, and office or instructional equipment.   FUSD recognizes that ever changing development of technology but expects all staff to keep abreast of changing technology opportunities and use tools and devices provided to them.

Mental Tasks

Communicates verbally and in writing.  Reads.  Analyze and evaluate data and reports.  Develop, implement and evaluate plans.  Manages own office and work environment.  Promotes learning and ensures safety.  Perform functions from written and oral instruction and from observing and listening to others.