Director of Technology

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Senior position
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  • Technology
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Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology

Good Shepherd Episcopal School seeks a Director of Technology for the 2023-2024 school year. The Director of Technology position is a full-time position and reports directly to the Head of School. A major responsibility of the position is to assist the Head with the day-to-day educational technology and information technology operations and vision for the school, to supervise and collaboratively lead the members of the technology team, to oversee the technology budget, and to ensure that teachers and students are supported in their educational technology needs and instructional technology support.



  • Work with the Head of School, division heads, technology team, teachers, and others to continually manage and maintain the curriculum-related technology. 
  • Lead the technology team in vision, pedagogy, professionalism, and project management.
  • Supervise the infrastructure maintenance, management, and development, including but not limited to: computers, printers, the network, mobile devices, servers, switches, etc. 
  • Manage all device replacement cycles. 
  • Develop a cadre of school-level technology leaders who will assist in reviewing educational technology.
  • Make recommendations to the Head of School regarding hiring, retention, and assignments of technology team members.  
  • Facilitate innovation in learning through educational technology
  • Ongoing evaluation of curriculum-related technology to assess its efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Recognize the need for updates and growth in the school’s infrastructure and communicate this information to the administration.
  • Support the communications efforts of the school as a whole through the use of technology to produce a variety of regular digital content pieces.
  • Stay up-to-date on the current trends in technology.
  • Serve as an active leader and participant in local, regional, and national education conferences.
  • Communicate with the parent community information regarding educational technology, digital citizenship, and design thinking.
  • Supervise and evaluate all members of the technology team.
  • Keep apprised of changes in the technologies available and directions of future technology development.
  • Lead the technology department with empathy, humor, and a commitment to the greater good.


  • Understand the technology budget, budgeting process, and spending process for technology. 
  • Develop requests for proposals when needed for school technology. 
  • Secure adequate resources for instructional computing and infrastructure maintenance. 
  • Ensure the technology budget adequately supports the technology vision. 
  • Share budgetary expectations with the department.
  • Work with administration and faculty to find funding for the implementation of technology-related educational programs.

Educational Technology

  • Work with the educational technologist to develop, implement, and periodically evaluate the educational technology vision. 
  • Continue to identify and develop faculty in every discipline and grade level to provide leadership in instructional technology. 
  • Ensure that all teachers and administrators are computer-literate and support educational technology. 
  • Recommend workshops, conferences, webinars, and courses for faculty/staff including those available within Region 10, in-house training opportunities, local colleges and community education programs, and from private consulting firms.
  • Continue developing and supporting partnerships with universities, foundations, and corporations.
  • Lead the technology team in designing and encouraging pilot projects for innovation.
  • Support the development of appropriate curriculum for the educational technologists.
  • Review and establish benchmarks to encourage appropriate use of technology.
  • Review the language of the Responsible Use Policy for the school on a yearly basis.
  • Serve as an educational change agent with technology.

Hardware and Software Acquisition and Inventory

  • Supervise the acquisition and maintenance of the school’s hardware and software. 
  • Review response times and efficiency of tech support.  
  • Ensure that licensure laws are enforced within the school.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of computer hardware and software.
  • Supervise the "effective life" for hardware and software, so that unnecessary hardware and software can be removed from service.
  • Supervise the acquisition and renewal of all software subscriptions.
  • Supervise the purchase decisions and evaluation for hardware and software.



  • Master’s degree in Educational Technology or Educational Leadership or equivalent experience. 
  • A minimum of five years of classroom experience.
  • Dedication to lifelong learning and a growth mindset.
  • Understanding of Information and Instructional Technology and Information and Instructional Technology support.
  • A strong work ethic.
  • High ethical standards and an understanding of licensure laws for campus-wide implementation.
  • Strong time-management skills.
  • Budgeting, RFPs, and other fiscal skills. 
  • Service-minded with an understanding of the role of empathy in technology.
  • Collaborative leader for technology, innovation, and design.
  • Knowledge of and support for the school’s educational system; appropriate skills in teaching children, faculty, parents, and other adults. 
  • Knowledge of technology curriculum and curriculum development. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong skills in written and oral communication. 
  • Technical knowledge in the fields of computer education, computer science, and the broad range of social media technology. 
  • Knowledge of the pedagogy and practice of instructional technology and informational technology. 
  • Experience working and supporting students and educators. 
  • Work in a fast-paced environment dealing with a variety of challenges, deadlines, and a diverse array of contacts.

It is Good Shepherd Episcopal School's policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion (creed), age, sex, gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, ancestry, genetic information, national or ethnic origin, marital status, or military status, or any other basis prohibited by law in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. 

How to Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Kristin Jarrett, Recruitment and Retention Manager,