Director of Technology and Innovation

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
  • Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology
  • Innovation / Design
Requirements / Qualifications

The Director of Technology & Innovation provides leadership, vision, strategic planning, and expert oversight to sustain the use of appropriate technology solutions throughout the district. The Director of Technology & Innovation will oversee the instructional technology program, will facilitate technology integration, and will support the management of the district’s technology assets and infrastructure.

  1. Participates in the overall planning and direction of the District functions and services related to resources, priorities, program opportunities and methods to enhance the delivery of programs, and create an effective environment and understanding of technology for team members.

  2. Develops the department’s organization and recommends changes to structure and staffing.

  3. Plans, organizes, controls, and directs the day-to-day operations of the department in the areas of educational technology, administrative technology, telecommunications and network management, applications management, data management, project management, and information security; supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned personnel.

  4. Oversees all aspects of all enterprise information systems, such as student information systems, learning management systems, financial and human resource management systems, textbook & library management systems, personal productivity systems, and communications systems. 

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Instructional technologies and research-based strategies for teaching and learning,

  2. Principles of business organization, management, systems analysis, budgeting and supervision.

  3. Program management, project management, change management, and project portfolio management.

  4. Design, management, and operations of IT systems.

  5. Trends in the provision and procurement of IT assets and services.

  6. Systems design and development process, including requirements analysis, feasibility studies, software design, programming, pilot testing, installation, evaluation and operational management.

*Please see Job Description for full detail*


  1. Possession of a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences from an accredited college/university is required. A major related to information, educational technology, or computer science is preferred.

  2. A Master’s degree from an accredited college/university with major course work in information and/or educational technology, business administration, or related field is preferred.

  3. California teaching credential or certificate is desirable. Demonstrated profession experience in both instructional leadership (teaching and learning) and technology is required.

  4. Technical, security,business, and project management certifications are desirable. Certification from the CITE/CETPA CTO Mentor Program and/or CETL certification is desirable

    • Answers to Supplemental Questions

    • Driver's License Copy

    • Letter of Introduction (Stating the position to which you are applying and your skills and qualifications)

    • Letter(s) of Recommendation (Two letters, less than one year old)

    • Resume (One to two pages in length)

    • Other (Single Subject, Multiple Subject, Special Education, or Pupil Personnel Credential )

Comments and Other Information


This supplemental questionnaire is part of the application process and MUST be properly completed and returned.

  1. Demonstrated professional experience in a technology leadership role is required. Provide for us your background, training, and experiences that has qualified you for the position of Director of Technology and Innovation.

  2. Describe your experience with providing instructional technologies strategies for teaching. Please, include years, why, and what were the results.

  3. Describe your experience in the implementation, operation, and support of an enterprise information system.

  4. Give us some examples of policies, procedures and controls that you have implemented to ensure data accuracy, security, and legal and regulatory compliance in a large information system.

  5. Describe a situation in which you were skillful in developing a work plan that distributed the workload appropriately. How did you determine the distribution? To what extent did you have to adjust your initial plan? What complaints or concerns did you receive? What were the results?

  6. Have you obtained any certifications (i.e., educational, security, business, technical, and project management certifications). If yes, please list them.


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