Educational Technology Integrationist

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Entry-level position
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  • Technology
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Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

Job Description: Educational Technology Integrationist

Reports to Chief Academic Officer 

Located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, Kingsley is an independent day school guided by a unique blend of Montessori philosophy and innovative programming. Kingsley offers a Montessori education tailored to the talents, curiosity, and growth of each student. Our progressive, inquiry-based programs cultivate students’ social and academic development and prepare them to advance successfully to top public and independent middle schools. Our program’s commitment to knowing every child and to partnering with parents propels each student to access his or her potential. 



At Kingsley Montessori School, our mission is to help facilitate each child’s social and academic development through a collaborative effort between the home and school. The ultimate objective is to help students strengthen their unique capabilities and empower them to be competent learners socially, emotionally, and academically.


The Educational Technology Integrationist will assist teachers at the Early Childhood and Elementary levels to enhance learning on campus and in the distance learning context of students’ homes through improved integration of technology into the core curriculum. The primary focus of the position is to enrich and support teaching and learning while strengthening the technology skills of students, teachers, and staff. Extensive knowledge, experience, and successful implementation of project-based learning and instructional technology are required. 


This person is responsible for shaping the school’s technology vision, creating curriculum and resources to guide the school toward reaching this vision, supporting all Kingsley community members in using the school’s digital resources, providing professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff, and maintaining a collegial and welcoming presence. The individual is also responsible for educational technology and LMS management. The position reports directly to the Chief Academic Officer and will also assist the IT Coordinator with support services.




Distance Learning Leadership and Support

  • Provide guidance on the development of developmentally appropriate distance learning outcomes for students from Early Childhood through Grade 6.

  • Collaborate with faculty to identify and implement effective distance learning teaching pedagogies and practices, especially those aligned with project-based learning practices.

  • Develop ongoing professional development and “just in time” support for faculty in the implementation of distance learning practices.

  • Assist in the choice, implementation, and maintenance of an effective learning management system (LMS) for each division and auxiliary programs.

Educational Technology Support

  • In conjunction with Kingsley’s educational leaders, implement, support the implementation of, and maintain educational technology in the classrooms 

  • In partnership with Kingsley’s IT Coordinator, maintain student digital accounts, digital subscriptions to educational resources, and student hardware.

  • Keep the School current in educational technology best practices by maintaining memberships in relevant organizations and listservs 

  • Ongoing Teacher Training (in addition to Distance Learning responsibilities)

  • Provide beginning-of-the-year training for faculty and staff on digital professional expectations such as posting to the website and managing email, documents, and images 

  • Provide training throughout the year in various groups and one-on-one sessions 

  • Create or make available other training materials (e.g. webinars) for teachers to utilize on their own time 

  • Assist teachers with integrating technology into their classroom in alignment with the technology benchmarks

Vision Development and Curation

  • Guide Kingsley Montessori’s Educational Technology Vision

  • Draft a long-range educational technology vision, a yearly educational technology plan, and educational technology benchmarks (with appropriate input from educational administrators and faculty).

  • Curate and update school-wide educational technology policies and procedures such as student Responsible Use Guidelines 

  • Collaborate with teachers, the IT Coordinator, and other stakeholders in identifying, procuring, installing, and training on classroom resources needed to fulfill the educational technology vision and plan.


  • Minimum of three years of successful experience working in a teaching capacity and /or technical support.

  • Models and promotes the highest standard of conduct, ethics, and integrity in the use of the Internet and other print and electronic resources and instructs others in the ethical use of resources.

  • Familiarity with methods for integrating technology into the curricula such as Google platform, online resources, digital portfolios, and other forms of assessment.

  • Able to work collaboratively and effectively with other staff, employees, and supervisors.

  • Ability to demonstrate effective usage and integration of education technologies into instruction to groups of individuals both small and large.

  • Evidence of continuous professional learning and a commitment to participate in professional growth opportunities and self-reflection on professional practice.


  • Competitive, independent school salaries 

  • Matching 403b plan 

  • Dental, Health, and Flexible Spending (FSA) 

  • Extensive, professional development opportunities, including Montessori training 

  • Qualified transportation program 

  • Tuition reimbursement for eligible employees seeking Montessori certification 

  • Kingsley tuition remission of up to 50% for eligible children of full-time employees

How to Apply


A cover letter describing your interest in the position with overview of your background and experience with children and education 

A statement of educational philosophy 

A current resume 


Hilary Gillcrist, Associate Director of Operations & Senior Administrative Assistant


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