Educational Technology Library Services & Instructional Materials Manager - PK-12

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Manager / Supervisor
  • Technology
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Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

About Gulliver Schools

Gulliver is a co-educational private college preparatory day school established in 1926 in Miami, Florida.  One of the largest independent schools in Florida, Gulliver enrolls more than 2,200 students in Grades PreK3-12 on four campuses. Our Mission is to create an academic community devoted to educational excellence, with a personal touch, that fulfills each student’s potential.

Job Summary

The Educational Technology Library Services & Instructional Materials Manager, a member of the ETIS (Educational Technology and Informational Services) Department, ensures effective communication regarding all available instructional resources (for classroom use or on loan from libraries) with relevant stakeholders throughout the organization in the PK-12 instructional department/faculty. Standards-based and research-proven materials further the pursuit of knowledge and provide experiences of educational significance for class groups or individual students. Instructional resources have the ability to enhance teaching and learning by providing quality learning experiences for students, enrich and support the curriculum, and represent fundamental resources for Gulliver Schools. This is a 12 month, full time position, reporting to the Director of Educational Service & Information Services (ETIS).

What constitutes an Instructional classroom and/or library resource? 

As part of the existing ETIS department, instructional materials can include one individual student or site license of materials (including digital resources) that have intellectual content which serves as the central tool for assisting in the instruction of a subject or course.

All resources circulated and subscriptions secured by campus libraries serve a pedagogical purpose and are part of the broader definition.

Also included is the individual or group subscriptions to web-based platforms or printed content provided through campus libraries, bound, unbound, kit, or package form and may consist of hardbacked or soft backed textbooks, electronic content, consumables, learning laboratories, manipulatives, electronic media, and computer courseware or software.

In partnership with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, all instructional materials must also be evaluated for bias-free content.

There are five (5) areas in which bias is evidenced in instructional materials:

  1. contextual invisibility

  2. stereotyping and characterization

  3. historical distortions and omissions

  4. language bias

  5. inaccurate and stereotypical visual Images

Note: peripherals, hardware, and other school supplies requested by teachers are not part of the instructional materials outlined above

The expansion of this current position at Gulliver, broadens the current reach of the ETIS department, and enhances the service offering to the academic department at Gulliver Schools.

Minimum Qualifications

Examples of key duties are interpreted as being descriptive and not restrictive in nature.

  1. Works directly with the Director of ETIS to ensure school wide initiatives are identified and supported as appropriate

  2. Works in partnership with appropriate stakeholders to establish adoption cycles based on course or subjects on a 3-5 year cycle

  3. Communicates and strategizes with the Director of ETIS to efficiently support the acquisition of all instructional materials and library resources across all divisions

  4. Meets individually with division principals and identifies unique needs and constraints of each population

  5. Conducts annual needs assessments and keeps principals informed of deadlines and milestones directly impacting teaching and learning

  6. Participates in departmental and division meetings as needed

  7. Works closely with principals, or their designees, to deliver a developmentally appropriate Digital Citizenship program/curriculum in all grades through the library program at each of the campuses (See Common Sense Media Curriculum as a guide.) 

  8. Supports departments, principals, and division heads on the evaluation of all instructional materials

  9. Assumes responsibility for the day-to-day tasks related to instructional resources adoption across disciplines and divisions in partnership with coordinators, chairs, principals, and other administrators

  10. Serves as the primary school site contact for/with vendors and publishers to ensure the school’s “virtual bookstore” is ready for use

  11. Serves as the Director of the PK-12 library programs (advocates for resources and library collaborations, evaluates library personnel, approves purchases, manages schedules and time off, payroll, etc.)

  12. Regularly collaborates with the Director of Curriculum to ensure the map is reflective of current program integrations with the library, and is up to date with the use of instructional resources

  13. Ensures that librarians work with faculty and students to infuse the “new literacies” in the curriculum as appropriate

  14. Ensures the satellite campuses at Gulliver receive all the same services, collaboration opportunities, and access to instructional materials

  15. Coordinates access to educational content, and incorporates current technology in specialized fields that provide guidelines to educators and instructors for developing curricula while adopting new resources

  16. Ensures that the timely identification of new materials is communicated to relevant departments and individuals as needed

  17. Serves as a liaison between PK-12 faculty and publishers and other instructional resources to ensure that information regarding edition updates, new releases, out of print materials, discontinued products, etc. is communicated in a timely manner

  18. Reviews curriculum map to ensure that that the resources lists on unit maps is up-to-date and reflects new adoptions

  19. Identifies and evaluates instructional materials for subscription renewals, additions, and non-renewals, makes recommendations based on usage statistics

  20. Tracks usage of instructional materials and communicates statistics to appropriate stakeholders

  21. Works with vendors (Misbo, WTCox, Follett, Kognity, etc.) to ensure access to all adopted resources and subscriptions for print content and digital tools is set up (for access on and off our network) and that communication about this access is made in real-time for the intended audience

  22. Executes vendor contracts and endorses end-user agreements for instructional materials as required

  23. Supports end-users with account set up and provides direction on best practices on usage of all instructional resources

  24. Informs faculty of book order changes and problems with orders; supports their adoption timelines to ensure materials are delivered on time for review and evaluation prior to adoption

  25. Initiates, processes and approves purchase orders as appropriate for subscriptions made available through campus libraries and courses listed in the official and yearly updated, course catalog

  26. Creates and implements a clear adoption cycle for all subject areas and alerts the appropriate Administration and Faculty that the adoption year is coming up a year in advance to begin the reviews

 Ongoing Yearly Responsibilities

  • Advocacy and marketing of all resources to ensure that students, parents, and teachers understand what is available; present to Parent Associations in the Spring

  • Overall management of facility, including all logistics regarding calendars, and physical space issues - repairs, enhancements, displays, (visual art, architecture, it’s a small world, etc. - school wide exhibits)

  • On the spot/point of need (not scheduled) instruction on the use of ed tech tools for teachers and students

  • Serve on school committees as required and appropriate, including, but not limited to the Academic Council, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee

  • Establish and ensure a positive working environment where communication is key, and the input and participation of all team members is intentionally sought out

  • Create goals and programs/procedures that serve to support the organization’s Strategic Initiatives

Desired Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with certification in an educational area. Five (5) years of related professional experience. Demonstrates organizational and communication skills. Working knowledge in curriculum and instruction. Working knowledge of library programs, print subscriptions, digital licensing models, ebook libraries and virtual environments is required. Former classroom teacher or librarian experience is a plus. Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications is necessary. Knowledge of desktop publications, & e-learning scenarios is preferred. The ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others is a requirement as is the ability to present information clearly and concisely. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are needed. The ability to work in a collaborative team environment or work independently once given a project is also desired. Excellent communication and teamwork skills. Master’s degree in education, curriculum, information science or applicable field is preferred.

 Pre-Employment Requirements

Criminal Background Check, Level II Fingerprint Screening, Drug screen


Gulliver Schools Inc. is an EOE M/F/V/D Drug Free Workplace

How to Apply

Internal candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for this position, should submit a cover letter expressing interest and a resume to the Human Resources Department.