Educational Technology Manager

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Manager / Supervisor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

This position is a certificated, exempt position, reports to the School Directors, and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and promoting the development and implementation of instructional technology programs and facilitating the improvement of the general curriculum and educational climate related to educational technology. This position provides leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining high quality technology integration into teaching and learning throughout all educational settings to support staff in enhancing instruction, improving student performance, and assisting students in becoming technologically savvy.  

Essential Functions

Program Development

  1. Plan and implement a comprehensive program to facilitate the use of educational technology across the school

  2. Collaborate with administration for purpose of developing, implementing, and evaluating online curriculum for effectiveness in improving student achievement through the use of  technology-enhanced content, digital content, learning management systems, cloud computing systems, and educational devices; Develop user guides for educational facilitators/instructors, students, and parents

  3. Collaborate with School Directors in developing  and implementing internal policies, procedures, best practices, and planning for the use of technology

  4. Research, evaluate, and monitor data, trends, new educational tools and frameworks (adaptive learning, active learning, learning analytics), software applications, devices, and emerging computing and educational technologies to assess their value to the Organization’s mission and possible-use cases

  5. Provide instruction, training, resources, and assistance to facilitate the use of technology-based educational tools and platforms (applications, software, operating systems, new technology devices, and programs) including assessing the staff on their understanding, skills, and integration of technology

  6. Participate in the development of technological curriculum, activities, and the research of newer technologies to integrate into various curriculum areas

  7. Provide assistance in selection, ordering, receiving, and installing of new software

  8. Assist administrators in identifying and correcting problems and deficiencies within current technology-based programs by using past program data and outcomes; Monitor and evaluate technology performance

  9. Identify, design, and effectively incorporate technology plans, tools, and programs into the learning environment

  10. Develop, direct, and oversee the schools’ educational technology program

  11. Integrate technology into curriculum and teaching practices

  12. Monitor effectiveness of technology instruction

  13. Provide and implement recommendations for the integration of educational technology into the curriculum

  14. Collaborate with the School Directors in selection, ordering, receiving, and installing of new software

  15. Collaborate with staff to develop, implement, and monitor a technology framework for the most effective integration of technology into teaching and learning with consideration for adaptive assessment, adaptive instruction, different student learning styles, and core content state standards

  16. Work with the LMS

Support Student Learning

  1. Provide input in the development of school-wide programs that enables students and parent-educators to use technology as learning tools

  2. Collect and use data to design technology-based instructional strategies

  3. Provide classroom management tips for use of technology within lessons

  4. Promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, including digital citizenship

  5. Assess students’ educational needs and match needs with appropriate technologies

  6. Assist and train staff in using technology effectively for assessing student learning and providing relevant and engaging learning experiences

  7. Develop and recommend technology strategies to enhance student learning

  8. Provide assistance and training for online assessments, including state testing

  9. Collaborate with parents and students on goals, objectives, methods of study and assignments and learning plans which integrate state standards with student interests, talents, learning styles and academic needs; establish summative assessment tools

  10. Provide appropriate learning resources and educational materials to complete assignments related to Personalized Plan and Record (PPR)

  11. Assess students regularly for academic growth and planning; Communicate assessments through reports

  12. Meet with students and parents

Accountability and General Administration

  1. Develop, implement, and monitor technology-based professional development programs, including online courses and web-related workshops

  2. Troubleshoot software problems and recommend repairs

  3. Assist in evaluating the effectiveness and performance of programs and software and make recommendations for improvements

  4. Teach staff about accessibility and copyright issues

  5. Develop computer / software training materials

  6. Collaborate with School Directors to provide strong, collaborative, forward thinking and responsive leadership in the development, management, and maintenance of EEI’s technology programs and services and formulation of strategies that address both immediate and future technology needs and services

  7. Ensure compliance and maintain familiarity with changes in regulations and laws related to privacy of student records

  8. Attend and participate in all staff and planning meetings, workshops, trainings, and school functions; Promote and participate in the creative exchange of ideas

  9. Assist in monitoring and managing software license compliance

  10. Maintain student records and resources in accordance with school policies and procedures

Public Relations

  1. Communicate with technology vendors

Professional and Organizational Development

  1. Plan for own career gorwth and ongoing professional development

  2. Seek innovative approaches to self-directed learning and formal training

*Other duties as assigned 

* Maintain a student roster

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  1. Knowledge of digital platforms, tools, media, methods, and design processes

  2. Knowledge of federal, state, and local policies and procedures regarding instructional technology

  3. Knowledge of current literature, trends, and developments in the field of instructional technology

  4. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in using educational technology including methodologies used in teaching and learning and integration into the classroom setting

  5. Ability to analyze data and define and solve problesm for technical applications

  6. Demonstrated expertise and ability to express course material, pedagogic goals, and best practices for learning through the application of technology to existing materials and structures

  7. Ability to plan, design, develop, and evaluate engaging multimedia learning/training objects

  8. Experience with delivering applications in a networked environment

  9. Experience developing and delivering technical training to a non-technical audience

  10. Expert knowledge of learning management systems and various learning technologies

  11. Knowledge of common software application packages, equipment platforms, reference database systems and sources, and training methods and understanding of networks, data communication, telecommunications, and multimedia systems

  12. Knowledge of the educational field and pesonalized learning; understanding of the role of information and educational technology in an educational agency

  13. Familiarity and commitment to the mission and educational philosophy of Element Education

  14. Ability to maintain records as directed by Supervisor

  15. Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding parents, families, and staff

  16. Ability to exercise emotional maturity in communicating with students, parents, and colleagues

Equal Employment Opp Employer