Executive Director of Data & Technology / Chief Information Officer

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
Executive Director
  • Technology
  • Systems / Operations
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology
  • Data / Database

OVERVIEW OF THE ROLE: This is a senior leadership position, reporting directly to the Superintendent and serving as a cabinet officer in the organization.  The EDDT is a peer to the Executive Directors for Communication/Community Partnerships, Human Resources and Budget and Finance and both Assistant Superintendents (School Management and Teaching and Learning).  The position is new to the district and is envisioned to operate as the district’s chief information officer.  The position has approximately 10 direct reports including an assistant director with extensive technology infrastructure experience, an engineering team, a tech team and a data manager. 
The key change to the position as currently conceived is the emphasis on creating centralized responsibility for data integrity and business intelligence within the IT department.  Expectations for the role are that the EDDT will operate as a senior level planner, facilitator and purveyor of data analysis while championing processes and systems that will improve the district’s ability to use data to make decisions at all levels of the organization. 
The ideal candidate will understand K-12 education, have a proven track record of building organizational capacity to integrate data into decision-making, and the capacity to analyze existing systems by engaging staff and lead to process improvements.  While the EDDT will oversee the entire technology department, there is a strong, competent team, led by an assistant director with extensive infrastructure experience.
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under the direction of the Superintendent, leads and coordinates the work of the Department of Information Technology. Aligns the priorities of the department with the vision of the district. Assigns, supervises, and deploys staff as necessary to manage complex technology and data operations and systems. Ensures the work carried out by staff supports the policies of the Portland Board of Public Education and the expectations of the Superintendent. As a senior member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet, coordinates the work of this department with other Cabinet departments.
Data Optimization

  • Maintains and optimizes district data systems including the student information system, district financial system and district human resources system; Integrates multiple data systems to allow staff to answer key business questions

  • Oversees the development and management of a district data and research agenda

  • Oversees the district’s data reporting functions including state reporting, the district’s Institutional Review Board and Data Sharing Agreements

  • identifies appropriate department level owners of various data functions and coordinates the necessary training and support on these functions.

Maximizing Technology for Learning

  • Collaborates with Chief Academic Officer and school leaders to develop and implement technology strategy and appropriate professional development to maximize the teaching and learning potential of the district’s data and technology investments

Overseeing District Technology Infrastructure 

  • Oversees the district’s technology infrastructure including network, storage and communication tools (phone system, email, website)

  • Delegates management of the day to day infrastructure administration to designated management staff as appropriate

Overseeing the Distribution and Management of Devices

  • Oversees development and improvement of device management systems and processes including inventory and helpdesk functions

  • Deploys district technology support staff including Building Technology Coordinators.

  • Delegates day to day device management to designated management staff as appropriate

General Department Leadership

  • Engages in long term strategic planning for the IT department including development of Department Goals, Capital Improvement Projects budget request and the State Technology Plan.

  • Oversees the development of policies, administrative guidelines and standard operating procedures including, but not limited to, the district’s acceptable use policy

  • Plans and advocates for the budget needed to acquire and maintain all major technology systems and manages the expenditure of budgeted resources

  • Manages the relationship with all district technology vendors to ensure programmatic and financial value of those contracts and agreements            

  • Stays abreast of and advises the Superintendent on district technology news and the technology implications of district and state educational initiatives including MLTI and other state technology initiatives.

  • Develops, supervises, and evaluates staff responsible for technology-related customer service, help desk services, school technical support, office technical support, and customer-relationship management, delegating responsibility to unit supervisors as appropriate.

  • Prepares information and makes presentations to the Portland Board of Public Education, City Council, and other groups as required.

  • Performs other related work as needed.


  • Ability to manage multiple complex projects and achieve results within required time, functionality, performance, quality and budget requirements.

  • Understanding of system analysis, design, development, testing and quality assurance methodologies.

  • Knowledge of and ability to implement current information technologies and best practices.

  • Ability to apply sound technical judgment in estimating project size, staffing requirements and duration.

  • Ability to write external functional specifications.

  • Ability to assess, develop, and manage effective performance teams.

  • Ability to quickly learn Portland Public Schools (PPS) policies, regulations and practices.

  • Excellent skills in the areas of technical, process improvement, team-building, and oral and written communications.

  • Some understanding of a variety of technology architectures including web-based architectures, client/server and centralized computing models.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Technology Education, Education with Technology related coursework or another equivalent field; an advanced degree in any of these, or related fields is preferred

  • At least five years of related leadership and management experience.

  • Coursework or training in data analysis and visualization; knowledge of coding/programming preferred

  • Experience with customer service, client/server and centralized and cloud based computing models preferred.

  • Experience in managing multiple complex systems; project management coursework or training preferred.


  • Occasional overtime and attendance at evening meetings.


Portland Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.