Executive Director of Technology Services

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
Executive Director
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology


Under  limited  direction  and  the supervision of  the Superintendent, direct and implement technology  services  district wide;  establish  and  champion a bold  vision for moving  the District to  the forefront of  technology  integration, with  a particular  focus  on classroombased  applications  that  support adaptive assessment and  adaptive instruction;  provide the technological  infrastructure necessary  to  support staff  in improving  instructional outcomes,  teacher  effectiveness,  administrative leadership,  and District communication with  internal  and  external  audiences;  support District administrators  at both  the school and  central  office levels  in making  informed decisions about hardware and  software for administrative purposes  and  in using  the technology infrastructure to  the greatest advantage to  achieve District goals;  integrate cost-effective applications  of  technological hardware  and  software  into  all  aspects  of  the teaching learning  process,  with  an emphasis on the use of  instructional  technology  as  a means of  accelerating,  deepening,  and  expanding student achievement.


Establishes the District’s technology vision and long-range plan to meet the present and future needs of District staff and students and to achieve District goals.

Provides  leadership  for  the design,  configuration,  operation and  maintenance of  a robust technology  infrastructure that supports  current and  emerging  technologies,  such  as  mobile and hand-held  wireless  devices.

Directs  the design and  administration of  operational  systems  and  servers  (e.g.,  email systems,  auto-dialers,  voice and  video  systems,  directory  services,  print queues,  device assignments,  mass  storage systems,  backup  systems,  disaster  recovery,  security,  antivirus, spyware)  and  ensures  availability  of  services  to  all  authorized  users.

Analyzes  technology  needs  in consultation  with  District leaders  and  end  users; recommends  updates,  replacements  or  enhancements  of  hardware  and/or  software;  and manages  the purchase,  delivery,  and  installation of  new  systems.

Oversees  the selection,  implementation,  and  operation of  a student  information and data warehouse system  for  the management and  reporting  of  all  student-related information. The desired  system  will  include an online parent portal  that enables  parents  to  monitor their  children’s  attendance,  behavior,  and  academic  performance, and  to  communicate with school  staff.  The system  will  have import/export capabilities for  interfacing  with  related systems  such  as  transportation,  nutrition services,  special education,  library  systems,  autodialer  systems,  and  online student learning  systems.

Provides  leadership  for  the establishment and  maintenance of  Business  Intelligence applications,  such  as  the integration  of  administrative technology  for  financial  and  human resources systems.

Establishes  and  oversees  a District-wide electronic  imaging  and  document management system  to  reduce need  for  storage  space for  paper  archives  and  to  improve access  to records.

Establishes  a  Help  Desk  that works  in concert with  in-building  technology  support and repair  services  to  support end  users  in the schools  and  District offices.

Works  with  District leaders  to  ensure that delivery  of  professional  development for  all personnel  routinely  incorporates  technology,  particularly  applications  relevant for  the classroom,  including  opportunities  for  some components  of  professional  development to be delivered  online and  other  components  to  be embedded.

Interfaces  with  District-level  directors  in providing  professional  development to  ensure that both  District Office and  school-based  staff  develop  proficiency  in selecting  and  using the most appropriate technological  tools  for  specific  purposes.

Works  with  District-level  management to  identify  and  develop  model  classroom  sites where teachers  can observe the effective integration of  technology  into  teaching  and learning.

Collaborates  with  District-level  instructional  leaders  to  develop  a technology  framework for  the most effective integration of  technology  into  teaching  and  learning,  with consideration for  adaptive assessment,  adaptive instruction,  differing  student learning styles,  and  Core Content State Standards;  implements  this  framework;  and  develops methods  of  monitoring  its  effectiveness  in a continuous  improvement cycle.

Provides  leadership  in  developing  and  implementing  a plan for  the incorporation of technology  into  all  aspects  of  the instructional  program,  including  the provision of  Internet security.

Works  with  District-level  instructional  leaders  to  support the  use of  collaborative technology  within interactive settings  (e.g.,  online tutorials,  video  conferencing,  video streaming,  virtual  and  distance learning,  and  social  networking).

Collaborates  in the review,  selection,  implementation,  monitoring,  and  evaluation of  virtual and  distance learning  initiatives,  including  the provision of  technical  support for  the implementation of  online courses  and  learning  management systems.

In collaboration with  others,  develops  policies  and  procedures  around  the use of technology  and  software to  ensure compliance  with  federal  and  state laws.

Directs  and  supervises  the daily  operations  and  personnel  within  technology  services including  analyzing  workflow,  establishing  priorities  and  timelines,  developing  and monitoring  standards,  evaluating  performance,  and  ensuring  optimal  utilization of  staff  to provide a high  level  of  customer  service and  satisfaction,  with  a focus  on being  innovative and responsive to  user  needs.

Develops  partnerships  with  other  districts  around  common needs/interests  for  the advancement of  District goals  and  economies  of  scale.

Works  with  Cabinet and  Directors  to  align program  needs  and  outcomes  with  planned expenditures  for  technology,  in order  to  promote the most cost-effective use of  district resources.

Plans,  develops,  and  implements  the  technology  services  budget,  and  assists  in developing the  technology  component  of  proposed  bonds.


Knowledge of:

  • Commitment to  the District’s  vision and  mission and  to  the equitable distribution of resources

  • Proficiency  in multiple modes  of  communications  (e.g.,  voice,  data,  messaging)

  • Extensive knowledge of  hardware and  software  applications  for  educational purposes

  • Knowledge of data privacy  laws  and  practices

  • Ability  to  approach  problems  and  issues  from  multiple perspectives  and  to recommend multiple applications  of  technology  to  address  District needs

  • Ability  to  absorb,  analyze,  and  organize information and  ideas  and  to  present oral and  written reports  in  a manner  appropriate to  audiences  with  technical  as  well  as non-technical  backgrounds

  • Ability  to  move comfortably  between  emerging  and  existing  technologies,  software, and  tools  in ways  that engage staff  and  students

  • Ability  to  communicate  effectively  and  work  collaboratively  with  District staff,  the Orange County  Department of  Education,  parents,  community  members,  and  other stakeholders

  • Ability  to  prepare  and  manage budgets,  address  multiple priorities,  lead  and supervise staff,  adapt to  change,  and  meet timelines Ability  to:

  • Work independently.

  • Train, supervise,  and  evaluate staff.

  • Implement collaborative team  building  processes.

  • Plan and organize work.

  • Analyze situations  and  plan and  adopt effective  courses  of  action.

  • Direct and provide technical  assistance  to  users.

  • Plan, design,  and  maintain networks.

  • Administer day-today  operation of  networks.

  • Direct,  install,  repair,  and  upgrade computer  software and  hardware

  • Communicate  effectively  in both  technical  and  non-technical  terms  to  clients  and staff.

  • Read, interpret,  apply,  and  explain rules,  regulations,  policies,  and  procedures.

  • Prepare clear  and  concise written communication and  make oral  presentations.

  • Remain current and  adapt to  changes  in technology.

  • Maintain cooperative  working  relationships  with  others;  motivate staff  to implement planned  changes

  • Maintain records.

  • Understand and carry  out oral  and  written instructions.

  • Accurately estimate labor  and  material  costs.


  • BA/BS  degree in Computer  Science,  Information Systems,  Educational  Technology, or  related  field  required,  including  coursework  in strategic  implementation of technology  and  innovation,  management information systems,  and  database management technology

  • Knowledge and  applied  understanding  of  instructional  applications  of  a wide range of  hardware and  software in a variety  of  educational  settings

  • Master’s degree in one  of  the above areas  preferred

  • Five (5)  years  of  successful  experience in an administrative position  working  with networked  and  electronic  data systems,  preferably  in an educational  setting

  • Experience with  Windows,  and  Mac  OS  X-based  computing  environments

  • Supervisory experience in directing  and  managing  professional  and  classified  staff

  • Expertise and  experience in providing  training  in the administrative and/or instructional  uses  of  technology

  • Experience with  education-related  technology  tools  and  applications  desired

  • Experience in developing  and  managing  budgets  and  in planning  for  capital  bonds

  • Consideration will  be given to  an alternative combination of  experience and  training that provides  the required  knowledge,  skills,  and  abilities  and  that encompasses  the essential  functions


  • Possession of  valid  California driver’s  license.

  • Completion of  fingerprinting  is  required  prior  to  the first day  of  work. 

Condition of  Employment: Insurability  by  the District’s  liability  insurance carrier.


Duties  are performed  in office,  school,  and  community  settings  which  may  result  in normal noise levels  for  these environments.   This  position has  frequent interruptions  and frequently  works  independently  with  high  work  volume and  tight deadlines. This  position classification performs  work  that involves  some lifting  and  sitting  a major portion of  the time,  with  some walking  and  standing  for  extended  periods  of  time.   Incumbents  may  be required  to  lift,  pull  or  push  objects  up  to  twenty-five  (25) pounds.   This  position requires  accurate perceiving  of  sound;  near  and  far  vision with  the ability  to read  small  print;  depth  perception;  mobility  to  reach  and  bend;  dexterity  in work  with computers;  and  the providing  of  oral  information and  direction. Reasonable accommodation may  be made to  enable a person with  a  disability  to  perform the essential  functions  of  the job. 

How to Apply

Complete EdJoin online application and submit with the following required attachments:

  1. Letter of Intent/Introduction

  2. Resume

  3. Three (3) Current Letters of Recommendation (must be within the last 24 months and must bear a written signature)

All documents must be attached to the online EdJoin application in order to pass the paper screening.