Hanflig Technology Center Supervisor

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

The Supervisor of the Hanflig Technology Center reports to the Director of Technology and is charged with promoting the use of educational technology in support of the Academy’s Mission. The supervisor collaborates directly with faculty and the student Hanflig Technology Fellows to support technology integration across campus. The supervisor will support a culture of creativity, innovation, and experimentation.

Identifies and translates emerging technology resources into practical teaching applications that are instrumental in teaching & learning. Develops advanced programs that provide students and faculty support in STEAM.
Introduces these resources to faculty through the Hanflig Technology Center and Collaborative Design Lab.
Coordinates and implements the planning of in‐depth professional development sessions supporting collaborative pathways among departments to integrate best practices in using technology for teaching and learning.
Collaborates with faculty through workshops, seminars, one‐on‐one sessions, co–teaching, and student projects in the effective and appropriate use of technology in all content areas.
Provides assistance for online blogs, wikis, and emerging instructional resources.
Teaches technology courses in support of curriculum in both the Middle and Upper Schools. These courses include intro to programing, 3D printing and Maker curriculum.
Oversees the Hanflig Technology Fellows program which serves as a tech support group for our 1:1 program.
Co‐mentors the Hanflig Technology Fellows working on their experiential technology projects.
Identifies and reports outcomes in the instructional technology program, and makes improvements to enhance technology growth and integration.
Collaborates with technology committee members and participates in other meetings to convey/gather information on technology programs.
Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Technology
Qualified candidates have a master's degree in Instructional Technology Design or similar and 3 years’ experience using instructional technology, in teaching and learning. Qualified candidates also have experience in conducting workshops/training for faculty.
Please send resume and cover letter to Director of Information Technology, Theresa Jay (tjay@thayer.org).