Head of Library Information Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
Assistant / Associate Head
  • Curriculum / Program
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Library
  • Information Technology

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Appointment Type
This is a one year probationary position

Time Base
Full-Time (1.0)

Work Schedule
Monday to Friday; 9am to 6pm

Anticipated Hiring Range
$7,467.00 - $8,297.00 per month ($89,604.00 - $99,564.00 annually)

Salary is commensurate with experience

Position Summary

  • Provides leadership and lead work direction to the Library's Information Technology (IT) Division.  

  • Responsible for establishing the strategic directions, goals and priorities for the development, maintenance and integration of technology-based library services that are provided campus wide to all students, faculty and staff.

  • Oversees operations of two IT-related units in the Library: Systems, and the Information Commons. These units are responsible for all-technology services used in the Library, including Library faculty and staff computing, public computer access, computer-enhanced instructional spaces and core library systems such the integrated library system, discovery services, website, proxy server and resource sharing systems. 

  • Serves as the technical lead for the campus implementation and operation of the CSU-wide Unified Library Management System shared by all 23 CSU campus libraries.

  • Provides the lead role for planning, budgeting, staffing and implementation for all technology in the library, and represents the Library for University-wide programs and initiatives such as the decentralized computing audit and instructional equipment requests and purchasing.


Position Information

Strategic Planning

  • Establish strategic directions for Information Technology use in the Library in order to further the library¿s academic mission and strategic goals

  • Plan, develop and/or coordinate all components of the library¿s technological environment

  • Evaluate current practices and design new services and policies to respond to and anticipate the needs of library patrons and to increase staff productivity

  • Investigate emerging technology and systems for the enhancement of Library processing, services and access

  • Analyze issues and participate in policy and budget formulation and operational decisions

  • Maintain awareness of SF State and CSU system-wide initiatives and their implications for campus and Library operations and projects. 

Core Library Information Systems

  • Oversee the deployment, evolution and integration of core library information systems, including the campus implementation of CSU-wide technologies such as the Unified Library Management System and institutional repository infrastructure; lnterlibrary loan software; proxy server and software; discovery service; network systems and public website / content management system, and resource sharing systems, as well as services that support both public and back-of-house end-user systems.

  • Oversee desktop support for all public and faculty/staff computer workstations

  • Ensure lab, studio, classroom, and/or stand-alone information systems are fully operational and secure. Ensure proper maintenance and support of assigned lab/classroom/stand-alone systems. Oversight of staff involved in the following examples of work activities:

    • Use utility and file programs to recover and back up data;

    • Re-install damaged or deleted software;

    • Troubleshoot errors in system operation and initiate repairs;

    • Configure media components and/or local area networks (LANS);

    • Administer site LAN including maintenance of related hardware and software;

    • Maintain file/network servers and all lab stations.

  • Responsibilities include:
    • Analyze and monitor system performance and usage;

    • Coordinate multimedia components for lab or classroom use;

    • Coordinate computer lab and digital media studio operations and projects;

    • Schedule facility use and ensure appropriate staffing;

    • Monitor facilities software and inventories;

    • Establish facility security and operational policies and procedures;

  • Services include:
    • Two extended hour public computer spaces, one of which is open 24/7 when classes are in session during fall and spring semesters, and the other open until 2:00 a.m. five days/week and until 10:00 p.m. Fri.-Sat. when classes are in session during fall and spring semesters.

    • A laptop loaner program offering 4-hour and 30-day loans of laptops to students which are checked out hundreds of times/day.

    • Five computer-enhanced instructional spaces, reserved hundreds of times each semester by faculty and staff members from departments and programs outside the Library for individual class sessions for their courses, with the potential to request loading specialized software. Other departments and units outside Academic Affairs also use these spaces for a variety of training and testing that require hands-on individual computers for participants.

    • Digital Media Studio / MakerSpace with high end video editing, 3D printing, and virtual reality capabilities. An increasing number of classes are holding class sessions in the Digital Media Studio / MakerSpace using the unique technologies and services available there, that are either not available at all elsewhere on campus, or are available only to particular departments and majors for limited hours.

    • Technology services available and used by students, faculty and staff throughout the University including on site in-person support seven days a week, and online services available 24 hours a day to all San Francisco State students, staff and faculty.

Project Management and Coordination

  • Oversee the development and implementation of IT projects throughout all levels and units of the Library. These include:
    • Deploy new software/hardware systems

    • Integrate complex systems provided by vendors and service providers at the Library, campus and CSU levels

    • Coordinate and facilitate the development of IT projects within the IT Division.

Resource Evaluation and Needs Analysis

  • Provide technical advice and expertise in the evaluation, purchase, upgrading, and maintenance of software and/or hardware resources. Examples of work activities include:
    • Advise and assist faculty, staff, and students in the selection of available software, hardware and/or database systems, and sources to meet their needs;

    • Research available products and systems and recommend alternatives to meet identified needs;

    • Participate in needs assessments and evaluate potential purchases for compatibility with existing systems;

    • Specify maintenance contracts;

    • Prepare requests for proposals, cost estimates, and justifications.

    • Provide technology support and consultation for Special Collections & Archives, the Bay Area Television Archive, and born digital collections

Lead Work Direction to Staff

  • Provide administrative oversight, lead work direction and guidance to staff in the Systems and Information Commons units. Establish and /or implement policy and protocols, set priorities, approve and monitor projects in these units.

  • Provide input to staff performance evaluations for IT staff

  • Assess operational needs and contribute to position descriptions

  • Provide leadership and oversight when filling open staff and student assistant positions. 

Liaison Work

  • Serve as a liaison between the University Library and other academic and administrative departments of the University

  • Serve as resource and advisor to library staff and faculty in selecting appropriate technologies and practices for Library projects

  • Develop and maintain an effective, collaborative working relationship with other departments inside the Library, at SF State and with appropriate areas of the CSU. 

Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications 

Expert: Incumbents at the expert level work almost completely independently on the most complex problems and work assignments. They possess an advanced and comprehensive knowledge of the technical specialty and a working knowledge of related specialties and are able to apply this extensive expertise as a generalist or specialist. Experts are proactive and understand problems from broad, interactive perspective and are able to develop solutions that combine information and ideas in new, unprecedented ways. Incumbents at this level are capable of leading teams and implementation efforts for assigned projects using advanced communication and listening skills.

Preferred Qualifications

User Consultation Skills

  • Ability to apply consultative skills to assess user needs and provide appropriate support.

  • Knowledge of information technology systems and/or applications, including campuswide systems and multimedia environments, access procedures, networks, and/or databases.

  • Ability to integrate multiple applications and/or systems.

  • Proficiency using standard software packages.

  • Ability to analyze data requirements and research data availability and access methods.

  • Knowledge of data administration principles and techniques.

  • Knowledge of network administration.

  • Ability to coordinate and implement data exchanges and conversions.

  • Knowledge of training theory and practices demonstrated by an ability to develop and deliver technical training and user documentation.

  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills in working with users to interpret needs and provide appropriate solutions.

  • Site Administration Skills

  • Ability to identify, develop, and coordinate plans for use of site resources (e.g., staffing budget, and materials) and to define site procedures for ongoing administration and maintenance.

  • Ability to maintain materials, inventory, and technical references and administer facility and system security practices.

  • Knowledge of system utilities, features, installation and maintenance procedures, and general operation.

  • Basic knowledge of data and file structures, database systems and related utilities, operating systems, and communication interface programs.

  • Ability to perform system, database, and network maintenance tasks and to use standard software packages.

  • Knowledge of local area network system configuration, protocols, and/or transmission media.

  • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot system connection and interface malfunctions.

  • General knowledge of operating systems and hardware for problem identification and analysis.

  • Knowledge of copyright laws and industry standards.

  • Demonstrated ability to assist others in completing work assignments including the ability to provide basic work direction and training.

Instructional/Multimedia Development Skills

  • Knowledge of instructional design theories and methodologies and ability to apply them.

  • Knowledge of database sources and large-scale computing and information resource networks.

  • Knowledge of and ability to evaluate instructional software, courseware development, and multimedia applications.

  • Ability to perform research design using statistical methodology and application resources.

  • Knowledge of systems design and technology integration techniques.

  • Ability to provide software development and programming support for instructional applications. 

  • Knowledge of user interface design principles and applications.

  • Ability to develop and create multimedia/video productions.

  • Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with users to effectively identify and efficiently meet their requirements.

  • Ability to design, develop, and implement instructional applications.

  • Subject matter expertise in a specialized discipline or body of knowledge. 

  • Extensive experience with and knowledge of a broad range of current library information systems, including Integrated Library Systems, discovery systems, resource sharing systems / services, institutional repositories, and digital asset management systems.

  • Experience with automated storage and retrieval systems and their interface with integrated library management systems.

  • Demonstrated experience leading technology projects, preferably in a library and/or academic setting

  • Experience managing a technical staff, including programmers and desktop support staff 

  • Extensive project management experience

  • Ability to coordinate and motivate working groups, often consisting of both faculty and staff, in a complex and non-hierarchical environment

  • Extensive experience overseeing the deployment of desktop and laptop systems and software packages for a variety of user groups and use cases, including systems used in instructional settings

  • Minimum of five years work experience in Information Technology, preferably in an academic or Library setting.

Core Competencies - embody the following competencies: 

  • Bias toward collaboration and teamwork.

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Customer/Client Focus with an emphasis in problem solving and resolution.

  • Personal effectiveness and credibility as demonstrated by interpersonal and professional confidence.

  • Diversity and inclusion


Must be able to work at a computer 6-8 hours daily. May be required to lift up to 40 lbs

Pre-Employment Requirements

This position requires the successful completion of a background check.


Threaded through our Total Compensation package is a commitment to Bridging Life's Transitions.  SF State is committed to providing our employees with a comprehensive program that rewards efforts that are appreciated by your colleagues, students and the customers we serve.

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Pension, 401k, Healthcare Savings Account, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Vacation and Sick Leave as well as State Holidays and a dynamic Fee Waiver program, all geared towards the University's commitment to attract, motivate and retain our employees.

CSUEU Position

Eligible and qualified on-campus applicants, currently in bargaining units 2, 5, 7, and 9 are given hiring preference.

How To Apply


Submit an online application and upload in one file attachment your resume, cover letter, describing your specific qualifications for each position AND three (3) professional references who can comment upon your education and/or job related experience.


The Human Resources office is open Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and can be reached at (415) 338-1872.

Application Deadline

December 28, 2018


Please note that this position, position requirements, application deadline and/or any other component of this position is subject to change or cancellation at any time.