IT Manager

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Manager / Supervisor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Information Technology

The technology manager reports to the business manager and is responsible for matters relating to technology use, integration, maintenance and support of the school administration, faculty and students. This includes devices or systems utilizing electronic communication and data exchange within and outside of the school. The Technology Manager teams with the Educational Technology Specialist in applying technology in the classroom for improved student learning outcomes.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher in related field
A minimum of 2 years school related technology experience

Responsibilities include:

To serve as the network administrator and support infrastructure (fiber optics, DSL/Cable connections or similar, classroom connections) including hardware (network server, classroom, computer labs, administrative and laptops), Intranet, Internet connection, website, and software (virus control, software coordinator, software support, etc.)
Configure and maintain current Microsoft Windows 2003/2010 Server File, Print, Web, Email and Domain servers
Maintain current backups of all critical systems
Install and maintain Anti-virus software and Firewalls
Maintain physical network infrastructure, switching and VLANs.
Maintain and configure wireless access points
Install and configure printers on network
Configure and maintain client desktops for access to “Cloud” based applications and data
Configure and maintain wireless laptop systems
Configure and maintain devices added to the local network
Test and evaluate new software for compatibility
Test and evaluate new hardware
Provide support and maintain multi-functional VOIP telephone and PA system
Team with Facilities Supervisor to provide campus safety and security through maintenance and knowledge of security, surveillance and fire response systems
To provide technical curriculum assistance regarding hardware usage, software usage, computer technologies, and the general instructional use of technology in the classroom.
To assist in the integration of technology applications as they are added.
To develop, update, and maintain the school’s inventory of hardware and software.
Provide and maintain a secure, accurate and current database of access data (passwords, user codes, etc.) as related to security, software and IT devices or systems
Respond to users when they have problems in a timely manner; “troubleshooting”
Listen carefully to user to ascertain the issue they are having
Give support via phone, email or in person as necessary
Employ the use of the available help request application for recordkeeping and resolution
Help users with basic operating system and basic application use.
Evaluate software requests from the users
Exercise reasonable judgment in performance of duties
To serve as a team resource for vision and planning in efficient technology usage and adoption of “new” technology as it emerges or is deemed desirable by school leadership
Assist in the ongoing renewal of the school’s Technology Plan
To model currency of technological knowledge and skills.
As deemed appropriate, to develop, coordinate, and teach workshops and classes on the instructional and administrative applications of the technologies as applicable at the school.
Support other special projects as it relates to computer configuration for network access
Order supplies for the printers
Orders networking supplies as needed
Maintain network printers, add toner, address printer problems and call for service.
Perform other duties as assigned by associate head of school for finance and operations and the head of school
Support the school and its leadership