Librarian and Educational Technology Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Specialist / Associate
  • Technology
  • Curriculum / Program
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology
  • Library

Beaver Country Day School—an independent day school located just outside of Boston, serving grades 6-12—seeks a creative, innovative, and forward-thinking Librarian and Educational Technology Specialist. This is a full time, 12-month position that will report directly to the Director of Technology, serve on the Research + Design Team, and lead and support students and faculty as they use technology to enhance teaching and learning.

About Our School & Our People:

We are not your typical private school. We think (and operate) more like a start up. Our business is providing a future-focused education rooted in real world context and experience and our clients are our students.

The Beaver mindset and approach to teaching place our students at the center of learning experiences in all settings, curricular and co-curricular. 

  • Our students in grades 6-12 are interesting and passionate individuals, who, above all, are genuinely happy to be at Beaver. We provide students with opportunities to be co-creators of their learning, making it a deeper, more meaningful experience.  We are committed to providing an educational environment in tune with the real world and doing authentic work.  
  • Our teachers and educational leaders are committed to—and excited about— expanding the nature of school, and igniting and fueling the passions of all our students. 
  • Our mindset is to make excellent mistakes, launch/test/refine, and not be defined by binary thinking. Instead, we look to approach things from a both/and outlook: tradeoffs don’t have to be the answer and instead, that’s where creativity comes in. We are a community of creative thinkers and doers.
  • Our values include collaboration, partnership, and above all, creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for our community. This work is a priority and steadfast commitment. It is never “done”, and we will always make decisions with this at the core of who we are. For all Beaver students to feel a sense of belonging, it’s important that they see themselves reflected in the community, curriculum, and all our programming.


  • Our goal every day is to create a school that is making an impact – for our students, and for education as a whole. We don’t take that work lightly, we need people that are relentlessly committed to it and excited to do this work—together.


About the Position:
Candidate requirements & responsibilities

Librarian and Educational Technology Specialist will:

  • Work with and support student research and library material needs.
  • Report to Director of Technology and serve as a member of the Research + Design Team.
  • Lead and collaborate with academic leadership and participate in professional growth opportunities for faculty for educational technology, research, and literacy.
  • Work with the Director of Technology and Academic Leadership (Division Directors, Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation, Department Heads, etc.) to evaluate and vet new education technologies with a focus on privacy, compatibility, and how it fits in the broader school edtech ecosystem and school as a whole.
  • Coordinate opportunities for growth in the education technology space, providing exposure, support, and training for tools in the classroom and beyond—and the encouragement to try new things.
  • Partner with Academic Leadership Team and Department Heads to help identify needs, priorities, and next practices in instructional technology and to shape a mindset about educational technology that is equitable, empathetic, and flexible.
  • Collaborate with faculty and provide them with the support and technology and research tools—such as interviewing, media literacy, and ethnographic research—to create and enhance learning experiences that meet the needs of every student.
  • Facilitate conversations with—and collect feedback from— faculty to fully understand their technology experience, needs, and goals.
  • Collaboration with teachers on courses, co-teaching and course development are possibilities.
  • Manage, curate, obtain, and maintain the Research + Design Center’s collection of books, digital resources, tools and materials.
  • Have a passion for consuming, sharing, and creating content in all different forms—books, podcasts, articles, etc.—and be able to model this excitement for our students and our faculty.

Additional things to know

  • We take cleaning and building safety seriously, you can feel confident in an attentive and flexible model of work that prioritizes our community health at every step.
  • Generous Benefits (Health, Dental and more) For more information visit our website
  • Breakfast and lunch provided, as well as coffee and snacks.
  • Free parking, and close to the green line T