Lower School Technology Teacher/Technology Integration Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Integrator, Specialist / Associate, Teacher / Instructor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

Teaching Responsibilities

Curriculum planning, implementing instruction, and executing effective classroom management strategies
Communicating with parents throughout the year through regular correspondence and grade reporting mechanisms
Working closely with grade level team members, specialists, administrators, and other colleagues to ensure that all students make academic and social progress in accordance with our school’s mission and core values
Co-teaching and modeling instruction
Technology Integration Specialist Responsibilities

Create and instruct technology lessons for Pre-K – 4th grade.
Work with faculty members to integrate technology in the classroom by observing current teaching methods, devising innovative methods, and facilitating the adoption of such methods
Lead and manage Professional Development for Pre-K – 4th grade teachers as needed.
Manage and check out technical devises to teachers as needed.
Effectively communicate technology ideas and best practices to all faculty
Instruct and assist in the use of equipment such as VGA Projectors, ACTIV Boards, iPads, laptop carts and other classroom technology
Collaborate/coordinate with the Technology Department and Middle School Instructional Technologist regarding school wide initiatives to integrate technology and learning
Track and maintain progress on technology objectives and initiatives
Proctor Children’s Progress Testing (PreK3-2nd grade three times a year)
Proctor ERB Testing (once a year)
Assist with the organization and distribution of technology materials for classroom use
Provide written instructions for common technical tasks, as needed
Assist faculty in creating and maintaining classroom portals and  class pages
Recognize, promote and support innovative educational technology practices
Promote effective collaboration and communication among staff, students, parents, and the community using digital tools
Required Qualifications:

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited school.
Excellent Christian character, and a proven record of outstanding classroom performance.
Excellent writing skills and very strong verbal communication skills are expected, along with the ability to be a positive member of the faculty.
Excellent interpersonal skills as well as the ability to work in a highly collaborative and rigorous environment.
Knowledge of current trends in technology education and will be interested in leveraging technology to improve the quality of the education delivered to students.
Contact Name: Nancy Andrau

Contact Phone: 7132902512

Contact Email: nancy.andrau@hfba.org

Organization: First Baptist Academy

Web Address:

Category: Classroom Teacher

Location: Texas

Job Level: Faculty

Job Type: Full Time

Experience: Elementary School

How To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to contact person