Lower School Technology/Imagination Lab Teacher

Job Level
Academic position
Job Category
Teacher / Instructor
  • Technology
  • Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology
  • Innovation / Design

St. Timothy’s School, an Episcopal preparatory school in Raleigh, NC, with approximately 470 students in grades pre-K to 8, seeks a Lower School Technology/”Imagination Lab” Teacher.

The Lower School Technology/”Imagination Lab” Teacher will be responsible for teaching prekindergarten through fourth grade classes and developing a technology curriculum that will focus heavily on problem-based learning strategies and design thinking. He or she will work closely with the school’s Media Specialist to ensure that our students are meeting ISTE standards and learning appropriate information/media literacy skills. They will also work together to build and manage a newly-designed combined media and lab space that promotes curiosity, exploration and creativity. This teacher will collaborate directly with classroom teachers and support them by providing professional development for Lower School faculty.

This is a full time position serving pre-K through fourth grade. Students currently take weekly Technology classes with a curriculum that includes basic keyboarding skills and media literacy. Innovative educators with big ideas and the desire/ability to create new curriculum are highly desired, as the technology lab’s resources will be changed to facilitate this new position and curriculum. Candidates should not only have excellent teaching and interpersonal skills but also possess a deep understanding of developmentally-appropriate early childhood and elementary curriculum, a passion for working with early elementary students, and a desire to collaborate with other educators.