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Thayer Academy Middle School seeks an educator to run our collaborative design lab and to teach one section of science (the grade and course will depend on the strengths of the candidate).

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with faculty in integrating Design Thinking, Video, Making, Coding, and Robotics into existing curriculum through workshops, seminars, one-on-one sessions, co–teaching and student projects in the Library Maker Space.

  • Instructing faculty and students on programming and production topics, such as video, photo, 3D modeling, laser and vinyl cutters, electronics, and word working.

  • Mentoring middle school students in designing and implementing their experiential maker projects.

  • Teaching a 6th grade Intro to Making class, a 5th grade Maker Space class, and an elective. (7 class periods per 6-day cycle in total.)

  • Serving as an advisor to 6-8 7th or 8th grade students


Organization: Thayer Academy
Job Category:
Areas of Responsibility:
Maker / Fabrication
Job Level:
Mid-level position
Job Sector:
Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)