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Job Category: Exempt

Reports To

The Makerspace Design and Innovation Specialist reports to the Director of IT.

Job Overview

The Makerspace Design and Innovation Specialist will spearhead the emerging Innovation and Design program for students in grades K-8 students. 

Responsibilities and Duties/Essential Job Functions:

  • Will work collaboratively to lead teachers in the creation of a school-wide makerspace design curriculum, as well as engage students in maker lessons.

  • Develop an introduction to coding and digital literacy/citizenship for students in grades K-8.

    • Assists staff with alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment of learning goals.

    • Monitors, assists, and evaluates effective instruction and assessment practices.

  • Include an introduction to robotics to lower school students and facilitate middle school students in robotic competition/electives.

    • Delegates responsibilities for various administrative functions to personnel for the purpose of managing the school effectively and utilizing the talents of other staff members.

  • Develop and grow the Innovation program through authentic applications, competitions, and relevant learning opportunities.

  • Collaborate with teachers to teach research techniques and related skills as well as assemble a database of appropriate research engines for elementary and middle school students.

    • Performs other duties as may be deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the department.

It is essential for the Employee to arrive on time to work every scheduled work day.  It is essential for the Employee to maintain good attendance and give ample notice, when possible, when Employee will be absent.  It is essential for Employee to speak to co-workers with respect and to follow all of the requirements and expectations in the Employee Handbook.


The candidate for Makerspace Design and Innovation Specialist should have a minimum of a Bachelor degree.  Minimum of two years of teaching experience is preferred.  Teaching certification preferred but not required.  Be able to demonstrate proficiency in modern learning principles including but not limited to coding and programming applications, presentation software, video and music production software, use of 3-D printers, routers, laser cutters, cameras, microphones, and other tools. Knowledge and demonstrative skills in the use of technology.  Salary based on experience.


Organization: Posnack School
Job Category:
Specialist / Associate
Areas of Responsibility:
Innovation / Design
Maker / Fabrication
Job Level:
Entry-level position
Job Sector:
Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)