Manager II, Information Technology

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Manager / Supervisor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Information Technology


Accountable for improving student achievement through the effective management of an assigned area; coordinate, develop, and direct the facilitation, implementation and maintenance of technology-based applications for the department of Research, Evaluation and Assessment (REA) to provide timely delivery of high quality technological services to meet the needs of the District.

REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: (Incumbents may perform any combination of the essential functions shown below (E). This position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, knowledge, or abilities associated with this classification, but is intended to accurately reflect the principal job elements.)

  • Plan, coordinate, develop and manage assigned functions within an assigned area in support of educating students at a high level; coordinate resources to evaluate the effectiveness of the functions or activities to expand practices proven to raise student achievement. E

  • Develop and maintain REA intranet and internet applications for accurate data collection and reporting to ensure the credibility and integrity of the District. E

  • Collaborate with various departmental and school-based personnel to determine applications for intra/internet data collection and reporting; review and revise applications and forms on a regular basis to ensure current tools are available for staff use. E

  • Participate in the development of goals and objectives for assigned area(s) in support of educating students at a high level to achieve their personal best; make recommendations for changes and improvements; implement approved changes and monitor work activities to ensure compliance with in established guidelines. E

  • Coordinate assigned department functions; develop and write applications to be used with existing or new programs to streamline department processes and procedures providing timely delivery of high quality services. E

  • Develop technological enhancements for the timely delivery of services to departments and sites to provide a variety of technological options in support of student achievement. E

  • Remain current and knowledgeable on new technology/research, evaluation and assessment issues associated with intra/internet development; work collaboratively with others to prioritize and develop uses for new technology. E

  • Coordinate effective short and long range plans for department efficiency through the use of technology and human resources. E

  • Manage data through coordination of new technology to help facilitate the reporting and decision-making process; collaborate with leaders and other staff on issues and problems related to assigned area; evaluate and enhance programs to align to District standards to improve student learning. E

  • Make recommendations on the use of the department technology budget allocations to assist in ensuring the financial stability of the District. E

  • Participate as department team leader for district technology, planning and development. E

  • Administer department database software, including security and maintenance of data tables. E

  • Interview and select highly qualified employees; supervise, evaluate performance and provide for training and development of assigned employees in support of professional learning. E

  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Any combination equivalent to: bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or related field; with three years of experience and additional training in information technology, information systems or computer science. Master’s degree preferred, not required. Additional training and certification is desirable.



  • Planning, organization and direction of assigned area.

  • Applicable computer language and software product evaluation.

  • Multimedia applications including but not limited to: desktop publishing, intra/internet applications, web site and forms design.

  • Management information systems.

  • Principles and practices of management. Requirements and restriction of database concepts.

  • Technical aspects of field of specialty. Intra/internet concepts and development.

  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.

  • State codes related to assigned projects.

  • Oral and written communication skills.

  • Operation of a computer to enter data, maintain records and generate reports.

  • Labor Relations law and employee contracts.

  • Analytical and problem solving abilities.

  • District organization, operations, policies, objectives and goals.


  • Coordinate, plan, and manage assigned functions within an assigned area Learn and use new program languages and operating systems.

  • Analyze and resolve managerial and technical problems.

  • Evaluate and prepare reports on new technologies.

  • Install and operate various computer technologies.

  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with a diverse range of people.

  • Work independently with little direction and many interruptions.

  • Analyze situations and adopt an effective course of action to resolve critical issues with significant organization impact.

  • Manage fiscal, physical, and human resources to successfully manage intranet responsibilities.

  • Understand the practical and legal aspects of research, evaluation and assessment.

  • Plan and organize work to meet schedules and times.

  • Demonstrate loyalty and high ethical standards.

  • Make presentations and deliver in-services in area of specialty.

  • Work collaboratively and build positive relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Communicate, understand and follow both oral and written directions.

  • Supervise, train and evaluate the performance of assigned staff.

  • Focus and appropriately allocate resources toward identified goals.

  • Manage change and design an effective system of reporting progress and monitoring results.

  • Negotiate skillfully in difficult situations and create solutions to promote compromise.

  • Think outside the box and develop new methods or solutions inspiring others to reach a common goal.

  • Communicate using patience and courtesy in a manner that reflects positively on the organization.

  • Actively participate in meeting District goals and outcomes

  • Apply integrity and trust in all situations.



Office environment, fast-paced work; constant interruptions; extended viewing computer monitor; occasional contact with dissatisfied individuals.


With reasonable accommodations, if necessary, dexterity to operate a computer and other office equipment; seeing to view monitors; hearing and speaking to exchange information and make presentations; lifting moderately heavy objects; sitting or standing for extended periods of time; reaching overhead, above the shoulders and horizontally, bending at the waist or kneeling to retrieve supplies or other materials.

Fresno Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and reasonable accommodations are made under the Americans with Disability Act as required by law.

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