MS/US Technology Teacher & Integrator

Job Level
Academic position
Job Category
Teacher / Instructor, Academic Tech Integrator
  • Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)
  • Instructional Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Technology Classes
  • Integration

Ridgefield Academy is seeking an experienced, energetic, and enthusiastic educational technologist to join our team beginning at the 2022-2023 academic year.


This position reports to the Middle School and Upper School Division Head and responsibilities include teaching technology classes in grades 4-8 and working closely with teachers in those grades to create student-centered interdisciplinary learning experiences for students. The Middle School/Upper School Technology Teacher and Integrator will also help manage our technology facilities, which include a 1:1 Chromebook deployment, technology lab, a green screen room, and a sound studio. This position will create, support and drive the curriculum for the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and participate in other school activities and embrace community involvement. A successful candidate will:

● Be able to continue the development of a program that offers programming, robotics, 3D fabrication, and digital arts

● Inspire and connect with students with a passion for creating with technology in the classroom

● Have experience with a wide range of technologies, comfortable with everything from a camera to a terminal console to a soldering iron

● Partner with teachers to integrate technology into their classes, teaching necessary skills and also helping facilitate/co-teach classes in other disciplines

● Be a resource for students as they work on independent or group work

● Proactively seek out opportunities to make our technology facilities a hub of interdisciplinary learning

● Be eager to showcase student work both in school and at outside of it

● Develop and lead upper school elective courses and clubs

● Be a part of the school community beyond assigned such as advising, coaching or other student-facing roles

● Have both a good sense of humor and patience when working with others

● Be able to interact with parents in a meaning way about the progress of their children in your classroom

The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree in technology or relevant discipline and at least 3 years of experience teaching technology to middle school-aged students. Candidates must also demonstrate a history of successfully collaborating with teachers of all disciplines.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their resume to