Network and Systems Administrator

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Administrator / Manager (of network or database)
  • Information Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Network / Systems
Network Administration
The function of network administration is to manage the infrastructure of the school’s data, information, and communications networks. This involves installing, maintaining and upgrading any hardware, software or service required to run the networks efficiently and securely, such as switches, servers, software licensing, and user accounts. This also involves keeping the network fully operational by monitoring and controlling the performance of network equipment and end-user connected devices.
A person tasked with this role will:
  • Oversee network design and capacity planning, and manage or perform the installation and configuration of data, information, and communications networks
  • Maintain and optimize all network hardware, software, and services
  • Maintain all school-wide communications systems including phone, Internet, and email
  • Diagnose, repair, or otherwise resolve everyday technical problems with network hardware, software, and services
  • Proactively monitor network traffic and operating metrics to ensure high performance
  • Conduct research on network products, services, protocols, and standards in support of network procurement and development efforts
  • Write and maintain system documentation for all networks and services
  • Solicit the services of outside vendors, as needed, for advanced technical support and special equipment rental
Network Hardware
  • Provide support for data switches, routers, wireless access points, servers, backup and storage devices, firewalls, VPN gateways, and printers (e.g., network connectivity, print queues, print servers)
  • Provide support for the communications network, including paging systems, clocks, Voice Over IP phones, POTS phones, and cellular phones
  • Maintain all wiring closets (communications rooms), including the installation, labeling and management of network cabling, and the installation of battery backup and power conditioning components
  • Provide support for the school-wide point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Work jointly with the Plant Committee to install and maintain door access control and surveillance systems


Network Software
  • Install, configure, deploy and administer traditional client-server software applications (instructional and administrative), according to software requirements, license restrictions, and end-user needs
  • Configure, deploy, and administer virtual servers and applications
  • Work jointly with other members of the department to maintain optimal network performance and security by actively managing anti-virus solutions, firewalls, and content filters
  • Install and maintain network file servers and network operating systems
  • Ensure that backup copies of all files are routinely made and securely stored at a separate location
User Accounts
  • Administer Windows network accounts for student, faculty, staff, and guest users by assigning usernames and passwords, resetting passwords and user profiles, and managing Active Directory User Groups, Security Groups, and Access Control
  • Oversee permissions and access rights for all software applications running on the school’s network
  • Administer communications accounts for individuals or groups by assigning email addresses, phone extensions, and voicemail boxes
  • Write self-help documents, and conduct training sessions, as needed, for those using on-campus computer equipment and related end-user software
  • Respond to requests for technical support at on-campus events by overseeing the setup and proper operation of network hardware, software or other IT equipment
  • Work jointly with the various school offices to administer and maintain their databases (i.e., Advancement/Raiser’s Edge, Registrar/Rediker Admin Plus and SchoolMessenger, Business Office, Bookstore and Cafeteria/Heartland OneCard, Library/Atriuum, Counseling/Naviance and Dean of Students/ID Card)
  • Work jointly with the designated Event Coordinator to fulfill IT service needs for on-campus events (e.g., guest access to Internet, guest access to computers and printers, usage of phone lines for payment processing)
  • Participate in developing and updating the Technology Plan
  • Perform other technology-related functions as directed by the Chief Technology Officer
Website Administration
The function of website administration is to develop, administer, and maintain all technical facets of the school’s website and its web-based applications. This involves providing technical support, usability testing, and guidance on industry best practices in data management and data security.
A person tasked with this role will:
  • Collaborate with the Director of Communications to maintain and oversee the school’s website by providing technical administration, monitoring of analytics, and reporting of usability issues to the website vendor in the capacity of a web developer
  • Perform routine cross-browser and cross-platform testing of the school’s website
  • Develop, implement, and manage dynamic web applications, forms, and user task flows in response to expressed academic and non-academic department needs
  • Collaborate with the Director of Communications and the various school departments to ensure that the school’s website provides the necessary information for all constituents, such as course rosters and resources, event calendars, and tryout schedules
  • Collaborate with the Registrar and Advancement Staff to perform import and export routines on the website database for use with the Student Management System (Rediker Admin Plus) and the Alumni Management System (Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge)
  • Assist the Director of Communications, as web producer and lead web designer, by providing support on system tools, such as interface design, page layout, form processing and e-commerce modules, to ensure technical success
  • Administer user accounts for the school’s website by resetting passwords for students, faculty and staff, and by creating user accounts for those who are not students, faculty, or staff (e.g., athletic coaches)
  • Administer permissions and access rights for all website applications
  • Write and maintain system documentation for all website applications and related import/export procedures
  • Participate with the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Communications in website reviews, and evaluations, website planning, and collaborative projects involving the website
Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Mrs. Jeanne Depasse, Academic Dean

Saint John’s High School
378 Main Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545