Open Source Administrator and Developer

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Programmer / Developer
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology
  • Systems / Operations

General Statement of Duties
The Open Source Administrator and Developer administers St. Mark’s existing servers running open source software and collaborates in the development and maintenance of custom applications to support the school operations, with a particular focus on academic technology. The administrator is responsible for vetting existing policies and practices and recommending revisions in line with security and development best practices. The administrator is a member of the St. Mark’s Technology Team and collaborates on setting policies and practices that affect existing and future open source and custom applications that support the school operations.
Supervision Received
The Open Source Administrator and Developer reports to the Director of Technology. The administrator will collaborate closely with the Director of Academic Technology.
Position Type
Part time: Initially 10 hours/week, increasing to 20 hours/week
Application Instructions
Please submit a résumé with customized letter of interest to
Specific Duties

SYSTEMS: Application Development

Create and manage application test & development environments pertaining to assigned systems

Design and manage system and database integrations pertaining assigned systems

Manage application test & development environments

Participate in systems architecture discussions and lead design for application implementation pertaining to assigned systems

Participate in the design and handle the implementation of system security enhancements on assigned systems

Assist others to: Coordinate external system development & integration projects.

Design, develop, enhance, & deploy academic technology support systems.

Identify & approve needed enhancements to existing or creation of new information technology systems.

Lead efforts to ensure data quality and integrity across all systems through systemic monitor and controls as well as in defining process and procedure standards pertaining to assigned systems

Provide input to others who: Participate in the evaluation and selection of infrastructure technology

Write and manage scripts to assist the appropriate monitoring of systems and architecture pertaining assigned systems

Develop, document, & perform preventative maintenance on assigned systems on a regular basis.

Establish availability standards and monitoring systems to ensure continuous availability of all supported services.

Prepare IT system performance & uptime reports for assigned systems on a regular basis.

Respond to & troubleshoot systems outages on assigned systems, working after hours as necessary.

Review key hardware & software system performance, capacity indicators & error logs for assigned systems on a regular basis.
SYSTEMS: Change Management

Complete impact analysis on request for change on assigned systems.

Initiate request for change for needed changes on any change-controlled systems.

Update system documentation & configuration database after any changes on assigned systems.
SYSTEMS: Configuration Management

Create and maintain documentation of system design, operation and procedure manuals on assigned systems

Develop & maintain configuration documentation/database records for all assigned systems.

Perform annual audit of configuration documentation/database records for all assigned systems.
SYSTEMS: Continuity Management

Ensure regular backups of data on assigned systems in accordance with service levels & continuity plans.
SYSTEMS: Problem Management

Respond to & document problems on assigned systems.
SYSTEMS: Release Management

Handle all software updates & releases as released by the vendor pertaining to assigned systems

Install & maintain hardware & software systems as assigned.

Perform & validate approved changes to supported systems.
SYSTEMS: Security Management

Establish security standards and monitoring systems to ensure protection of all supported systems.

Maintain database of user account security permissions on assigned systems by function/role.

Monitor assigned systems for security threats, reviewing logs regularly.

Monitor vendor threat alerts & apply security patches as required, following appropriate change controls.
SYSTEMS: Access Management

Create & delete user accounts on assigned systems according to established procedures.
SERVICES: User Support

Handle escalated Help Desk tickets related to database management & applications development on assigned systems

Respond to & document escalated level 2 incidents from supported users on assigned systems.
SERVICES: Academic Technology Integration

Assist others to: Implement technology that will result in a meaningful difference to teaching and learning.

Assist others to: Meet regularly with the Director of Information Technology to coordinate the selection and implementation of new technologies.

Assist others to: Design and implement new student training to support the BYOD program as part of orientation.

Assist others to: Develop and offer technology training for the faculty, including summer workshops as necessary.

Assist others to: Identify and produce needed technical documentation for faculty and students.

Assist others to: Support faculty in special projects involving the use of technology beyond the classroom.
PROCESSES: Financial Management

Provide detailed / invoicing and/or regular reporting on tasks performed
PERSONNEL: Employee - IT Department

Provide input to others who: Develop and enforce organization-wide policies related to IT pertaining to assigned systems

Document position-related workflow processes according to departmental guidelines

Participate in department meetings.

Provide input to others who: Participate in general department decision-making and strategic planning pertaining to assigned systems
PERSONNEL: Employee - General

Follow procedures as outlined in Employee Personnel Handbook & elsewhere.

Maintain constructive attitude.

Maintain professional dress, grooming, & presentation.

Recommend position description updates to supervisor.
Assignment - Systems

Administer St. Mark's Information Technology Knowledgebase WordPress site hosted on Amazon Web Services

Administer Communications Microsite servers on Amazon Web Services

Assist others to: Administer hosted Instructure Canvas instance

Maintain and enhance LTI customizations on Instructure Canvas
Qualifications - Technical

Required: Strong troubleshooting/problem solving skills

Required: Knowledge of WordPress administration

Required: Knowledge of TCP/IP addressing and routing

Required: Knowledge of software version control systems

Required: Knowledge of PHP programming

Required: Knowledge of Linux systems administration

Required: Knowledge of HTML & CSS

Required: Knowledge of DNS / Dynamic DNS

Preferred: Knowledge of UI/UX design

Preferred: Knowledge of the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard

Preferred: Knowledge of Ruby programming

Preferred: Knowledge of JavaScript

Preferred: Knowledge of Instructure Canvas API

Preferred: Knowledge of Git and GitHub

Preferred: Knowledge of Amazon Web Services EC2 administration

Preferred: Conversant in Microsoft Windows Server systems administration
Qualifications - General

Required: Strong project management skills

Required: Strong customer service and interpersonal skills with attention to details

Required: Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

Required: Excellent organizational and time management skills

Required: Ability to work independently and as part of a team within established guidelines to meet end user requirements

Required: Ability to deal with stress during critical changes or outages.

Required: Ability and desire to cross-train

Preferred: Willing to be on-call and to work flexible hours to deal with off-hours assignments

Preferred: Ability to communicate with technical and non technical staff in order to formulate solutions