Senior Director of Production Operations and Technology

Job Level
Senior position
Job Category
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology
  • Systems / Operations

About the Role

The Senior Director of Production Operations and Technology oversees the successful delivery of Teach To One, a unique personalized learning math model by supporting the Production Division. This division is made up of two teams: Production Operations and Production Technology. Collectively, these teams ensure that students and teachers receive high quality and timely Math lessons and schedules. They also work in real-time to resolve bugs and triage issues that hinder the effectiveness of student learning.

The Senior Director of Production Operations and Technology is the head of this division and works in collaboration with other senior leaders throughout the organization to ensure that work is streamlined and prioritized effectively.

This role reports directly to the Chief Program Officer to ensure that the program that is being delivered meets design and implementation expectations.

We are seeking someone who is systems and processes oriented, someone who enjoys solving complex problems aka a firefighter, who is highly organized, a flexible thinker and a great manager of people.

What you Would Do

  • Drive team and project efforts through the process of operationalizing current and future program models in service of both quality delivery and efficiency so that we can lower the price as much as possible to drive further adoption for our current and future school partners.

  • Ensure integrity of product/program objectives are maintained, both functionally and technically, as new solutions are put into production

  • Ensure all production systems are performing appropriately as they are released and launched, including live production websites and web services used to deliver our program

  • Check for the understanding of the bigger global program picture so that a given solution factors in other priorities and developments

  • Evaluate technical solutions against a set of sometimes competing expectations, including quality level, timeline, impact on product health, program design goals, project objectives, and impact on operations or other product areas

  • Ensure that the development, implementation and improvements of technology processes and tools are in alignment with live production systems

  • Ensure the team has access to high-quality data reporting content from both New Classrooms and a variety of 3rd party vendors.

  • Lead the departments through the effort of finding efficiencies and automation, where possible.

  • Ensure that the program is able to operate successfully in-schools and help to prioritize bugs and functions that need to be fixed quickly.

  • Work across divisions to ensure the program being delivered meets design expectations.

  • Work with production departments to codify functionality.

What We are Looking For

  • BA degree required, graduate degree preferred (any disciplines)

  • Strong computer science fundamentals, with or without a formal degree

  • A strong leader and manager of people with significant experience leading operational and technological maintenance teams including engineers.

  • Demonstrated track record of team leadership that resulted in team development and on-time production of quality learning, insights or products.

  • A systems and process person, who also doesn’t let the system or process rule the work, and can change course based on current realities

  • A willingness to consistently reevaluate and/or abandon ideas, assumptions, and engage in related re-designs as new information and data emerges.

  • A problem solver and firefighter of complex challenges who is good at finding common ground between two competing or disparate points of view--even when those are held by highly passionate and intelligent individuals

  • Extraordinary attention to detail and an ability to get every detail perfect, but someone who can also operate in a mode where the urgency takes precedence knowing things will have to be cleaned up later

  • Someone who enjoys and is comfortable straddling the space between operations and technology with the ability to easily move between both of those worlds as well as bridge them together

  • Demonstrated passion for/commitment to personal and team learning & development

  • Comfort with ambiguity and willingness to embrace change and ability to change direction or priorities at a moment’s notice

  • High degree of emotional intelligence

  • Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills

Role Classification and Benefits

This role is full-time and includes benefits such as rich medical, dental, and vision insurance, 36 paid days off per year (prorated for the period in which you work), paid parental leave, a professional development budget of $375 annually and a quarterly cell phone subsidy.

Commitment to Diversity

At New Classrooms we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to create and inspire better ways to give every student an educational foundation for lifelong success. In order to fully realize this mission we are dedicated to building a diverse pool of candidates including those from underrepresented backgrounds, and resolute in building an inclusive culture that supports and celebrates the diverse voices and perspectives of our employees.

Equal Opportunity

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality or sex.