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Summary of Responsibilities:
Provide day to day installation and support services related to Geneva College:

  • Desktop computers

  • Laptop computers

  • Tablet computers

  • Printers

  • Desktop phones

  • Cell phones

  • Audio visual equipment (LCD projectors, microphones, audio equipment, video conferencing units, auditorium control room functions)

  • Operating System and Application software

  • Provide basic supervision and mentoring to PC Consultants

  • At the discretion of the management team, coordinate with other Technology Services staff, in the delivery of services to specific locations within Geneva.

  • May work on medium to large scale projects as determined by the management team.

  • Possess advanced knowledge and skills related to Windows operating systems and Geneva standard desktop computer and laptop design, function, and related resources for service request resolution.

  • Possess knowledge and skills in audio visual support/instructional technology support (ability to configure and operate AV equipment including LCD projectors, video conferencing units, basic auditorium control room functions, microphones and audio equipment).

  • Act as a primary contact and liaison for Technology Services team. Work in partnership with the Geneva end user community in providing services.

Essential Responsibilities: (These essential responsibilities are those the individual must be able to perform unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.)

General Responsibilities

  • Provide service to client community, families and visitors, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all data and information through physical and electronic measures.

  • Act as a lead for the Technology Services team, promoting the efficient operation of the team in providing quality service to Geneva end users.

  • Receives projects and carries out special assignments from the management team. Tracks assignments and provides reports, as requested. Works with project managers to define tasks.

  • Provide coordination of services with outside consultants working for or with the Technology Services Department, when required by the management team. Notify the management team of any problems associated with that outside consultant work.

  • Maintain the Service Desk system for all requests assigned, and work to ensure the timely resolution of requests. Immediately notify the management team of any outstanding assigned requests, which have not been resolved within prescribed service level agreements.

  • Provide second level support for problem requests escalated by the Help Desk staff. Report back to the Help Desk and end user, regarding problem status until resolved.

  • Participate in Technology Services after hours on call services, (non-business hours) in accordance with Information Technology Services Departmental Policies and Procedures.

  • This position may be required to maintain a stand by status as part of a rotation within the team. This requires 24 hours per day, 7 days per week availability during the stand by period. The frequency varies based upon the number of colleagues in the rotation.

  • Submit reports to the management team, as assigned.

  • Follow procedures for documentation of Technology Services work.

  • Attend Technology Services meetings, as required.

  • Comply with Geneva College and Information Technology Services Department Policies and Procedures.

  • Be highly motivated to apply process improvement to increase product and service quality to achieve business objectives.

  • Provide support as required by Geneva’s Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Monitor team service requests and/or assignments and insure compliance with Service Level Agreements, Information Technology Services Policies and Procedures, and any other service levels, as determined by the management team.

  • Communicate to the management team, on a weekly basis, all service requests, projects and/or assignments received and current status, to ensure that new and currently assigned responsibilities do not conflict or may negatively impact on service delivery to the Geneva end user community.

  • Provide second level support for problem requests escalated by the Help Desk and coordinate with Geneva personnel and vendors to resolve issues. Report back to the Help Desk and end user, regarding problem status until resolved. Document requests status and resolution activities, as directed.


  • Mentor and direct student employees including; interviewing, training, planning, assigning and directing work, coaching and appraising performance.

  • Must have a mindset of mentoring employees under supervision. Should be able to lead in a way that sets a good example, promotes teamwork, and encourages a positive, efficient work environment.

Exhibits behavior that is consistent with and supportive of Geneva’s mission, vision and core values:

  • Geneva Mission Statement: Geneva College is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.

  • Vision Statement: Geneva College will inspire students to integrate faith in Christ into all aspects of life in the real world, and to serve faithfully within their callings for Christ and Country.

Core Values:

  • Serve with grace

  • Pursue Godly wisdom

  • Foster academic strength

  • Engage culture faithfully

  • Inspire vibrant hospitality

  • Honor one another

Job Requirements - Administrative:

  • General: Individuals must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed or are able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the essential responsibilities of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations in order to safely perform the essential responsibilities of the job.

  • Physical: Must be able to perform the following: talking, hearing, and seeing. Must have sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all office equipment including, but not limited to: computers, fax machines, copy machines, modems, and telephones. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

  • Confidentiality: Individuals must recognize that management of data, including personal information, grades, budgets, programs and policies is necessary to the operation of the College. Such information must be kept private and confidential for the protection of the College and to obey Federal and/or State laws. Should there be doubt as to whether a certain matter is to be protected, it should be discussed with your supervisor before making a disclosure.

  • Mental: Must be able to reason, analyze, prioritize, conceptualize, make judgments, and solve problems.


  • Education/Certification: Bachelor’s degree in technology related field or comparable experience

  • Experience: Three years installing and servicing PCs and audio visual equipment.

  • Skill/Abilities: Ability to troubleshoot and maintain PCs, peripherals and software. Understand and implement PC security measures. Understanding of PC networking concepts.

  • Christian Commitment: Eligible candidates must be a thoughtful and articulate Christian and an active member of a Protestant evangelical Christian church. Preference will be given to candidates who support and have an articulate understanding of the Reformed faith. The individual must understand and support the College’s “Foundational Concepts of Christian Education” by expressing an evangelical Christian profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to integrate a Christian perspective in their work.


  • Education/Certification: Bachelor’s degree in a technology related field or comparable experience.

  • Experience: Five years installing and servicing PCs and audio visual equipment.


  • Proficiently apply IT methods, professional knowledge, and GENEVA standards and practices.

  • Intuitively grasp familiar, stable system performance situations.

  • Respond to unfamiliar, undefined, unexpected, or unstable situations with the professionally prescribed standard response.

  • Recognize subtle problems with system design or performance and acts appropriately to improve the condition, seek validation of actions in advance as appropriate.

  • Effective in relationships with business partners, professional peers, and other team members.

  • Coach less experienced IT professionals.


Organization: Geneva College
Job Category:
Areas of Responsibility:
Support / Help desk
Job Level:
Mid-level position
Job Sector:
Information Technology