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The STARs program is a student-led help desk that supports all school technology and maintains accessible tech support for students and educators. It also provides a place for all students to explore their technological interests and passions outside of their course curriculum.


The ideal candidate has a startup and entrepreneurial spirit and understands the value of customer service when working with all of the Gibbons constituent groups. This person can grow and manage a team of high school students, laptop inventory/repair cycles, and has a proven record of successful project planning and execution. We are seeking a candidate that is ready to take ownership of the existing STARs program while seeking opportunities to grow partnerships with local businesses to develop a model of what local business in schools partnerships can look like. This candidate understands the importance of engagement with the school community and will continually seek opportunities to broaden the impact and accessibility of the STARs program.

**Computer repair experience is preferred but not required.** 


North Carolina
Job Category:
Areas of Responsibility:
Support / Help desk
Job Level:
Senior position
Job Sector:
Information Technology