STEM Teacher & Integration Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Specialist / Associate
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Applied Tech (STEAM / Maker / CS / Design)
  • Instructional Technology

Principia seeks a dynamic STEM Teacher & Integration Specialist to join our faculty.

Organizational Relationship:  Reports directly to the School Science Department Chair.  Works closely with the Media Studies teacher, the Education Technology Director, and the Upper School Principal.  Coordinates with the other SmartLab Facilitators K-12.  

Key Job Functions: This position will create a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) learning environment where students will explore interests in robotics, circuitry, graphic design, engineering, etc.  Instruction is delivered in the form of project-based, student-centered learning communities.

Work-related Expectations: 

STEM classes will be open to students from grades 9-12. Students work in pairs on self-paced, multi-stage engagements with specific deliverables required for completion.  Approximately 75% of this position is devoted to teaching STEM courses and 25% is allocated for integrating STEM into other classes and developing partnerships.  

Teaching and Learning:

  • Coaching students on the use of lab hardware and software, guiding students through completion of the projects and assessing completed projects based on rubrics. 

  • Proactively works with Upper School faculty on ways to integrate STEM into classrooms across the Upper School. 

  • Coaches & Supports Upper School Robotics Competitions.  Fosters and develops mentor relationships with the broader community to support these programs.  

  • Advocates for the STEM program and will work with faculty members, students, and parents on the capabilities and use of the STEM equipment and materials. 

  • Aids in the research, implementation, training, and support of instructional technology in the SmartLab and in the School classrooms. 

  • Establishes an exemplary classroom culture that balances high expectations with love and support.

  • Maintain and incorporate the use of different technological tools (3-D Printers, C&C machine, etc.)

  • Explore possible STEM summer camp opportunities.

Professional Development:

  • Willing to be trained in and embrace both the SLII leadership model and in Clifton Strengths-Based Leadership 

  • Attend Professional Development once a year with Creative Smart Labs.  

  • Attend and actively participate in Principia’s professional development when not in conflict with STEM activities.

  • Oversees other SmartLab Facilitators K-12. Meets regularly as a team to align curriculum and maintain facilities.  

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Ability to maintain equipment, keep an accurate inventory, and spend within allocated budgets.

  • Works with the Business Office to write grants to seek funding or funding matching to support the Principia STEM program.

Professional Characteristics: 

  • High-energy level; energetic and enthusiastic 

  • Creative & comfortable promoting innovation.  Models, promotes, coaches, and encourages learning by exploration.  Allows students to experiment and take risks. 

  • Comfortable ceding responsibility for learning to their students; willingness and ability to implement a cooperative learning environment

  • Understand how to coach and challenge each student 

  • Excellent classroom management and organizational skills in an environment where learning is highly individualized and many different learning activities are taking place simultaneously 

  • Ability to communicate effectively with administration, students, parents, the community, and industry. 

  • Encourages true cross-curriculum integration through collaboration with teachers of other disciplines 

  • Progressive. Strives to improve and upgrade the program to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Grows with the changes and adapts the environment as technology improves.

Key Competencies:
Candidates’ overall outlook and approach to life and learning are just as important to us as appropriate qualifications and experience. Principia School seeks individuals who are . . .   

  • Positive: We appreciate team members who are optimistic, positive, and focused on elevating and bringing out the very best in themselves and others. We are a strengths-based organization; faculty and staff are expected to understand teammates’ strengths and how they can complement each other.

  • Team players: The ability to collaborate and partner with peers and senior administrators is critical. The School has a strong team-centered leadership approach. Staff are expected to be able to listen, give and receive feedback, and be comfortable exchanging ideas and speaking candidly in a professional and collegial manner. They must bring a constructive outlook to partnering with a wide range of stakeholders—administrators, faculty, coaches, residential life, and central administration.

  •  Innovators: Given our fast-moving, ever-changing world, all School employees are expected to demonstrate a problem-solving mindset that helps our team come up with creative solutions to challenging issues. The School emphasizes continual improvement and expects staff to have a mentality of self-improvement and organizational excellence.

  • Strategic thinkers: We prize the ability to consider complex topics from multiple perspectives and offer innovative solutions.


  • The Principia shall seek to serve the Cause of Christian Science through appropriate channels open to it as an educational institution (Policy 1).


  • Principia is a Christian Science community of practice. Through transformative opportunities, a challenging curriculum, and character education based on the teachings of Christian Science, we examine, test, and strengthen our faith while developing the skills and understanding requisite for excellence. As global, outward-looking, inspired learners, we serve and better the world.


  • Principia’s values, listed below, are grounded in the teachings of Christian Science:

  • Teaching and learning

  • Thinking and acting from the basis of Principle, Love

  • Unfoldment of character

  • Individual and collective excellence

  • Citizenship and service

  • Innovation and continuous improvement


Note:  *The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed but are not to be seen as a complete list of responsibilities and are subject to change at the discretion of the employer.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required.

  • Experience with problem/project-based learning and/or STEAM education is preferred.

  • Background in teaching science, math, computer science, mechanical/electrical engineering, graphic arts, design, CAD/drafting, research and development, electronics, or physics is preferred.  

  • Experience in any of these fields is also preferred, even without teaching experience if the candidate can demonstrate a willingness to learn a pedagogical approach to teaching children while maintaining a sense of passion and enthusiasm for STEM subjects and demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills.

Candidates are expected to learn: 

  • A variety of application software packages and their purpose in the learning environment 

  • Archiving student work 

  • Use of Google Drive, including Google certification  

How to Apply