Technology Integration Specialist

Job Level
Entry-level position
Job Category
Integrator, Specialist / Associate
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology


The Technology Integration Specialist works as part of a coordinated team of professionals and is responsible for the integration, application, support and communication of appropriate technologies throughout the school.


Collaborate with students and teachers in a variety of technology driven content courses at a broad range of ages and levels.
Collaborate and support teachers in expanding their pedagogical experience within a technology enriched classroom scenario.
Prepare and lead professional development and training for a range of constituencies, including remote and removed environments, to suit staff and faculty needs and requirements.
Manage, through a retail style environment, support advice, basic hardware and software diagnostics, and imaging on the Apple platforms, (iOS OSX, and successors),
Understand the design implementation of data based systems, including cloud management, (eg: LMS, library services, back office solutions) to support and create solutions with constituencies.
Understand online and installed application suites (Microsoft, Adobe, Google Apple) sufficient to mount, support, diagnose, customize (update) and teach to all constituencies throughout the school.
Support and design technologically enriched classroom environments in one to all environments.
Collaborative team teaching of technology based, mixed level elective classes to students and educational professionals in lab classroom settings, both locally and distanced based.
Design, prepare and teach technology classes, some in collaboration with other teachers, that broadly relate to themes, concepts and skills used in other content curricula.
Visit, observe and support classrooms teachers and students in using best practices as they relate to technology.
Administer and advice on the applications of Acceptable and Responsible Use Policies as they relate to the ethical and appropriate use of technologies throughout.
Manage and support the distribution of AV and special equipment, as needed, for events and classroom presentations.
Collaborate with teachers and other support personnel, including library and other resource personnel, in the development of new integrated curricula units. Provide hands-on support to classroom teachers in the execution of these units.
Design curricula, assign related coursework and track student performance; evaluates programs and student progress.
Reflect on instructional practices to meet professional development goals.
Prepare displays, presentations and recordings as needed for events throughout the school, in coordination with level supervisors, teachers and other constituents.
Act as liaison for swift resolutions to IT issues system and individual technology hardware and software problems. Ensure a speedy resolution through continued follow up and communication.

Bachelor's degree

Solid experience integrating technology into the classroom curriculum

Ability to work with a wide range of abilities.
Demonstrate a comfort with technology.
Excellent oral and written communication and presentational skills.
Demonstrated capability to interface and maintain effective relationships with faculty, staff and administration.
Specialized Skills & Knowledge:

MAC - software
Ex. - Knowledge of Canvas, proficiency in Microsoft Office
Working conditions:

General office and classroom conditions

Physical Demands:

Lifting up to 20 pounds, standing, walking, sitting, reaching, operating computer and other office and classroom equipment