Technology Teacher/Coordinator

Job Level
Mid-level position
Job Category
Coordinator, Teacher / Instructor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • All Areas of Technology


This position is responsible for providing instructional services to students and working collaboratively with staff with an emphasis on having a positive attitude toward students, staff and the technology programs of the school. Additionally, this position will assist with Tier 1 help desk and training support for staff and students working in conjunction with an outsourced technology support provider for all issues relating to technology at the school. This person reports directly to the Business Manager and the Head of School.

This is an exempt, salaried position and is not eligible for overtime pay.

Employment Year
The Technology Coordinator/Teacher works 8-4 Monday-Friday while school is in session Aug-June. Should additional hours be required when school is not in session, this will be discussed in advance with the Business Manager and/or Head of School.

Teaching & Collaboration
Enhance instruction through the effective use of technology in the classroom and support and promote the utilization of technology throughout the school. Help design and implement projects in collaboration with teachers, staff and students.
• Develop, coordinate and teach workshops and classes on applications for computers and related technologies as requested and/or required.
• Provide technical assistance and training regarding hardware usage, software applications, computer technology and the general instructional use of technology in the classroom (i.e. iPad training).
• Establish systems for educators to access preview or receive training in hardware usage and software applications.
• Communicate information about training services including making presentations and/or training manuals.
• Stay current with technological knowledge and skills.
• Assist students and teachers with technology-related activities or projects.
• Collaborate with teachers to support their use of technology in the classroom.
• Work with teachers and librarian(s) toward achieving technology-related learning objectives through the use of various hardware, software and Internet resources.
• Provide professional development sessions and workshops for faculty and staff.
• Create and provide learning resources for faculty and staff.
• Ensure the coordinated integration of technology between and across levels.

Help Desk & Support
Provide desktop/printer/AV support to faculty and staff
• Troubleshoot, resolve and repair Tier 1 problems relating to hardware and software. This will include acting as a liaison with the outsourced technology support provider to escalate support needs, as required, while working towards resolution of support requests.
• Manage the distribution and deployment of technology resources to faculty and staff.
• Create and maintain email addresses and contact lists.
• Administer user accounts for all systems.
• Provide Tier 1* technical support and training for administrators, faculty, staff and students.
• Install, implement, troubleshoot and maintain printers. Aid in desktop/printer support as needed.
• Video tape meetings and events. as needed which might require additional hours outside of a normal work day.
• Assist with the identification of specific hardware/software application needs of the school and recommend to the Business Manager and/or Division Heads as necessary for consideration.
• Assist the Business Manager and outsourced technology support provider to develop the school’s technology budgets.
• Assist with the setup and configuration of new computers as necessary working with the outsourced technology support provider
• Assist in the library as needed

• Be professional and respectful towards co-workers and students
• Support the school and its leadership
• Provide consistent high-quality work with minimal supervision
• Provide leadership, assistance, support and staff development
• Advance and promote the use of technology throughout the school
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School or Business Manager

Education and Experience
• Extensive working knowledge of computer hardware, software, peripherals and related technologies (including SmartBoards) as they apply to K-8 education.
• 3+ years teaching experience, preferably in K-8 environment
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Experience installing, maintaining, using and troubleshooting both Mac and Windows machines in an integrated environment.
• Experience installing/configuring peripherals and with diagnosis and repair of computer systems.
• Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, iLife, iWork, iMovie, Garage Band, Google platform and internet software.
• Ability (and patience) to explain technical jargon to general audiences.
• Technology skills in current computer software including web page development and design, presentation, digital video and audio editing, digital photography and design software.

Professional Skills
• Management of current duties while remaining flexible to changing priorities
• Ability to work as a team member
• Work independently with little supervision
• Adaptability and stress tolerance
• Ability to be a positive role model
• Model lifelong learning and innovation

*Tier 1 Support may include (but is not limited to):
• Printers – Adding, Deleting, Basic Troubleshooting with Network Connectivity and Hardware Issues
• Computers – Reboots, Connections, Hardware Issues, Network Connectivity, New Equipment Setup (Software Installs, Join to Domain, Profile Configuration)
• Email – Deletion and Creation, Forwarding, Phone Sync, Permissions
• Permissions for Folders
• User Accounts – Deletion and Creation
• Password Resets
• Mobile Phones – Setup for Android and Apple devices
• Home Drives – How to create for each staff or student
• Basic Computer Training

Application Process
To apply for this position, please send cover letter, resume and statement of educational philosophy to Markus Hunt, Head of School at