Technology Teacher/Integrated Technology Specialist: PreK-2nd Grade

Job Level
Academic position
Job Category
Teacher / Instructor
  • Technology
Job Status
Areas of Responsibility
  • Instructional Technology

This position will be responsible for teaching skills, knowledge, and scientific attitudes (problem solving using the design cycle) through courses in technology education to students, utilizing a progressive curriculum. The position is cross campus and involves teaching 45 min classes 1 time per week to 1st and 2nd grade students. This position also involves working with teachers PK-4th grade on integrating technology into their curriculum. This position reports to the technology director and maintains close communication with the academic team.

Essential Duties
1.Coordinates relationship between school curriculum and technology skills.
2.Instructs students in digital citizenship and basic subject matter as is outlined in the technology curriculum.
3.Exhibits an outstanding level of teacher support and collaborative spirit
4.Plans a technology education program involving demonstrations, student led discussions, hands-on activities, and direct application of skills; organizes activities for optimal learning.
5.Instructs students in the proper use, care and safe handling of equipment.
6.Evaluates academic and social growth of students, prepares report cards, and keeps appropriate student records.
7.Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior for a productive learning environment during class sessions and field trips.
8.Communicates with parents and appropriate school personnel on student progress.
9.Assists classroom teachers in the incorporation of technological hardware and software into the lesson plan and helps teachers effectively integrate technology into the curriculum by:
a. Learning the basics of using technologies
b. Using technologies to support instruction
c. Integrating new technologies into classroom practices
d. Discovering new uses for technology tools
e. Designing projects that combine multiple technologies
f. Focusing on cooperative, project-based and interdisciplinary work with technology being just one of the many tools that students use.
10.Works with the Technology Director to create learning resources for teachers, staff and students. These may include web sites, tutorials, instructional videos, interactive programs, and databases that support teachers in integrating technology. Ideally, teachers will be guided and encouraged to develop their own resources, while the Technology Team will continue to provide additional support as needed.
11.Assists in the development of a technology plan.
12.Participates in faculty committees and other required duties.
13.Works effectively with all members of the staff.

The ideal candidate:
·Will have teaching experience
·Will possess a bachelor’s degree in education or a technology related field (Masters preferred)
·Will have an outstanding knowledge of current and emerging technologies, and the ability to share that knowledge in an organized and effective manner with students of varying ages and ability levels
·Will be proficient in Mac, Chromebook, and Smartboard usage
·Will have a background knowledge in film and television equipment and production
·Will have experience with or knowledge of the Maker movement
·Will have experience with STEAM programs as they relate to technology
·An understanding of key learning theories and methods of instruction, and their relation to technology integration
·Familiarity with methods for integrating technology into the curriculum using mobile devices
·Experience with effective technology teaching strategies in teaching software and hardware skills
·Technology skills in up-to-date computer software, including word processing, database, spreadsheet, web page development, presentation, web 2.0, digital video and audio editing, image processing, and graphics applications

Please send a cover letter and resume to: