Jessica works with schools, districts and non-profits to ensure that technology is improving the lives of students and teachers. Jessica earned her BA and Master's of Teaching from the University of Virginia, and after a couple of years as sportswriter, she taught technology, life science and English Language Arts at a Title 1 middle school in the Bronx for almost a decade. As a teacher leader and Technology Coordinator, Jessica designed, managed and supported technology-rich, interdisciplinary, Common Core aligned learning experiences for students within the school and in partnership with public and private schools around New York City.

In 2013, Jessica moved into consulting on ed tech implementations nationwide. Whether creating and delivering thoughtful professional development to successfully launch a 1:1 iPad program across a rural Minnesota school district, or advancing meaningful instructional technology adoption in the Louisiana bayou, Jessica focuses on learning experiences for teachers that allow them to work smarter for the sake of their students' learning. Later that year, Jessica went in-house at Generation Ready to focus on revamping and optimizing their consultant recruitment and development programs and processes, leading the successful hiring and training of over a hundred veteran educators as expert consultants. Jessica continues to engage educators and students in their own learning through smart hiring, curriculum development and ed tech consultation.